OFFI Perch Lounge

OffiperchThere are pieces of modern furniture that are affordable, and then there are those that are not affordable, but cheaper than usual. The OFFI Perch Lounge chair is the latter. I would hardly call it affordable by my standards at $399, but it is a lot better than the normal $499 that Design Public has it listed at. I do admit though that I have a soft spot for this chair. Maybe it is the way it combines felt and bent plywood, two of my favorite elements. Maybe it is the little perch underneath it for which it is named, that reminds me of the old grade school chairs I grew up with. Whatever it is, I love it. If you are a fan as well, maybe now is your chance to get all that sweetness for a slightly less bitter price.

Available from Design Public for $399. Free shipping.

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