FluffyCo Eyeglass Cases

 Img Assets Shop 911A while back I got an email from Jessica that went a little something like this:

Can you please focus on eco vegan products as well? There is such a huge market of people who want it all,

good for the eye, good for the wallet, good for the planet, and good for the animals.

It can be done if enough people ask for it... matt&nat or via vegan is a good example...

Hopefully Jessica knows about OTSU, a San Francisco based store that carries all sorts of vegan goods. I was perusing through their online store, and found all sorts of good stuff, like these Eyeglass Cases by FluffyCo. Handscreened vinyl and great graphics mixed with the knowledge that it hold up to even a hardcore vegans standards makes these inexpensive cases a great find.

FluffyCo Eyeglass Case available here for $16.

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