Store Images Uploads Birds-1No, it's not a modern version of Alfred Hitchcocks spooky 60's movie, its another great product from the guys over at Furni. They have launched a brand new store, and have a couple of great new things, including Birdz. Currently on preorder, these modern wall hangings show Furni's ability to break the mold of their typical style, and push their creative edge. For $38 you get three acrylic wall mountable silhouettes of a bird that look totally fly (sorry couldn't resist) cruising across your wall. We can't tell you how much we love the stuff that these guys do. We think that they have really embraced a great vision, and hope that they have tons of success. Helping to support guys like Mike and Devin is exactly why we started this website six months ago.

Get them straight from the source at the new Furni store.

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