Gonsher Design

 Dlight(5.0)I usually make an effort to only blog about items that are currently available for purchase. I think that is generally one downfall in the whole blogsphere today, everyone is in such an effort to be on the cutting edge that the don't worry about people never being able to get any of the cool products that they blog about. Today I am making an exception to highlight some projects from a very talented industrial designer Ian Gonsher that has some great affordable ideas. The first is the D_light shown above, which is a simple flat packed polyethylene lamp, that would be very affordable to produce. I also was impressed with the idea of the cardboard table. Sure the whole idea of cardboard furniture is pretty lame if you ask me, but if you are already shipping something in a cardboard box, why not include a template to make a hip table for free.

Make sure you check out his website. More pics after the jump.


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