New Dwell baby products!

I have always loved the whole Dwell line up, although I don't have any of their stuff. Their prices seem to be very reasonable considering the quality you are getting, and the design is fabulous. My wife was especially excited when they introduced their Dwell Baby line, even though we don't have kids. So for those fans of the baby line, you're in luck. It appears as if they have some great new stuff coming out soon. Over at Design Public they have listed on their website a new Dwell Baby burp and bib set. The quality is great as usual (210 thread count egyptian cotton) and it is available in several different colors/patterns. I figured that it would be outrageously priced, but was pleasantly surprised by its meager price tag. Only $35. Looks like it's pre-order only. Should ship in late Dec, just in time for Christmas.

Get it here.

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