Bambu bowls

No, that's not a type-o, I do know how to spell bamboo. These are some hip new bowls from a company called Bambu. They come in a six inch soup sized bowl, and a 11.5 inch serving bowl. The inside of the hand-coiled bowls are left their natural bamboo color, but are lacquered so that they are waterproof and food safe. The outsides are lacquered as well, and come in either natural, (naked) blueberry, or my personal favorite, tomato. Besides just being very handsome bowls, they are very earth friendly since they are made from bamboo, which is a great renewable resource. All that goodness for a price you can't beat. A set of three 6-inch bowls is only $39, and the 11.5-inch serving bowl is $45.

Via Charles and Marie

Available here.

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