Designer Ice Scraper

Well, as things start to cool down for us northerners its time to start thinking about the winter months, and all the joys that come with them, including scraping your car windows. Now, I know what your thinking, its not even Halloween yet, I don't want to think about scraping my windows, but when you see this great new scraper, you'll be begging for a chance to start scraping. If you are anything like me, you don't get around to buying a scraper until you have almost ruined your drivers license scraping windows. Finally you realize you have to buy yet another scraper (what did I do with last years?). You go down to the local supermarket and browse through the hideous collection of 3 foot long scrapers in electric blue, and forest green, and finally settle for a fairly plain black one. Sure it serves you well for the winter, but then what are you supposed to do with it. Its too awkward to fit in your glove box and ends up rolling around under your seat until you finally throw it away in frustration. It's a vicious cycle. But there is hope. Introducing the Rosendahl Ice Scraper designed by Erik Bagger. This functional work of art, is the perfect size to be useful, but not awkward 10cm x 15cm (4" x 6") and was designed with the help of physical therapists so as to not cause undue stress on the hand or arm. One side is soft for dew (think squeegee) while the other is hard to bust through the toughest of ice. Sure the price is a little steep at $29, but think of the stress you will save by not having to go through your old routine.

Available from Yanko Design for $29.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...