Modular IPE Decking

ipe deck tiles

These little modular wood deck tiles made their way around the blogs a couple days ago, but I was hesitant to post anything about them until I knew a little bit more about the price. So here is the inside scoop. First for those of you that don't know anything about them, they are modular wooden squares that can be easily assembled on top of any hard flat surface, with no tools needed. They are available in several different patterns, and types of wood. One of the best wood choices is Ipe which is a sustainable hardwood, that is very durable. I contacted my local distributer to check for prices, and was pleasantly surprised. Ok, so it's not Target cheap, but its not bad. They start at $7.35 a square foot, which is a pretty good deal when you compare it to what it would cost to build your own comparable deck. Of course this assumes you have a hard surface to put them on already. I think that one are that these little guys shine is the portability factor. They would be great if you had a apartment with a small cement deck you wanted to cover. I thought they might even look good in the bathroom just outside the tub for a ofuro style look. Check them out here.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...