Tea anyone?

Stump Teapot

Well as the weather starts to turn colder, my thoughts start to wander toward one of my favorite winter pastimes . . . hot beverages. To me there is just something comforting about the whole process of making tea, from the boiling of the water to steeping and of course the drinking. So for those of you that don't already have a tea pot, here is your chance. Sprout Home has some great new items, including some colorful teapots. The stump teapots come in four different colors, (my favorite is the orange, but the black or white would be good for you minamalists) and are just the right size for two cups of tea. They include a stainless steel lid, and a basket tea infuser. They are very resonably priced at $19. If you need some good teacups, make sure you check out my blog on Bodum.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...