Aark Watches


Watches are dangerous. Sort of like bags, shoes, bottle openers and so many other things that I just want to collect for no apparent reason at all. Aark watches appear to be extra bad, because I want one of each of them. While they do have quite a few very classic looking ones that I really wouldn't mind having, my eye was particularly drawn to these more playful colors. 

Aark Collective

Which is your favorite?

Furni : Alba alarm clock

furni albaFurni is one of my old favorites that consistently makes good looking quality products, and never seems to get the recognition that they deserve. I was delighted to see over the weekend that they are on Fab.com. Once again inspired, I checked out their website for the first time in a year or two, and I happy to find that they still have great stuff. The new and improved ALBA clock for example is not only fantastic looking and well detailed (see below) but it has some great features too. iPod/iPhone integration with a custom app available with purchase, 10 stage dimmable display, metal grill etc. Available in white, black, barn wood, walnut, concrete and all sorts of other amazing materials/finishes.

ALBA Alarm clock from Furni.


Blackout Silicone Watch

flat black silicone watchAlmost 6 months ago one of my readers wrote to me looking for a source for a flat black watch. I did some googling around and came up empty handed, but I never forgot the challenge. Today I was delighted to find this sexy black silicone watch by Michael Kors. I've got sort of a thing for watches, and this one definitely get's me drooling. I'd love to see it in person to see how the silicone feels etc. Anyone have this watch, or know of any other good flat black watches?

Blackout Silicone Watch $168

Void Watches

void watchesI like watches a lot. Specifically, I like unique watches a lot, and I've gone though quite a few in my day. Next on my list of "must have" watches are these beauties by Void. Not only do they have a great layout with lots of interesting negative space, they have an epic material lineup to choose from, my two favorite being white ceramic and copper. I'm also really really liking the analog semi circle layout.

Void Watches

100 Series Watch :: Uniform Wares

This is my kind of wristwatch! Clean, minimal, and available in an array of colors. I'll take one in yellow, please!

The 100 Series boasts a case made of machined aircraft-grade matte anodized aluminum case (37mm dia) with a satin brushed A4 stainless crown and hardened mineral crystal lens. Japanese-made quartz movement ensures accuracy of +/-20 seconds per month. It is water resistant to 3ATM water resistance, and the cell life on the battery runs to 36 months. The full-matte strap is made of highly durable UV-resistant PU rubber.

100 Series Wristwatch by Uniform Wares available from A+R Store: $150

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