Design Studio: Standard Made

I usually reserve Friday's for my "Way Back When" posts, a look at fantastic design from the golden years of modern. Today I'm introducing a new theme I hope to cover more consistently, modern american studio design. There is so much great furniture design going on here in the states and internationally but I have been hesitant to cover it as it is not "affordable". You can see some of my conflicted musings here and here. While lamenting about another great furniture maker today that I would not be covering I remembered a part of GRM's original mission statement. "We hope to be able to connect passionate designers with the masses and become a catalyst for change in the modern contemporary world." I realized that by not covering boutique furniture makers like Standard Made, I was perhaps denying my readers the chance to connect with some of the most innovative, passionate designers out there. So affordability be dammed. Let's support the little guy trying to make it in this big corporate modern world. With that may I introduce you to Adam Rogers of Standard Made.

About Adam...

Adam Rogers is a furniture designer / maker.

Adam is devoted to the pursuit of harmony between modern design and quality craftsmanship. His work showcases a clean aesthetic inspired by classic modern design, with an emphasis on amplifying subtlety through details, executed by a maker trained in the traditions of furniture making.

Prior to committing himself to the design and production of objects and returning to graduate school for a masters degree in furniture design and woodworking, Adam spent years in corporate architecture following his undergraduate studies in architecture and interior architecture, serving as a designer on projects ranging from residential to university buildings. Seeking a more personal relationship to his work, his focus has shifted scale. With an understanding of the impact an object can have on an environment, the context of a piece is never without consideration.

Adam is exactly the kind of guy I want to see succeed in this world. He has a beautiful line of furniture, all of which has clean lines and subtle but beautiful joinery. All of it is designed and hand made by himself. Photo's and pricing are below.

Table A - Walnut and Marble $1,250.

Cabinet A - Walnut and Copper $3,500.

Cabinet B - Walnut $3,750.

Chair A - Walnut and Leather $1,350.

Chair B - Walnut and Leather $1,350.


Please excuse me while I pay some bills...