MCM Wallpaper :: Sanderson

This shiz is epic; I mean we're talking about the motherload of 50s-inspired wallpaper here, folks. I recently put up (well, hired someone) some Orla Kiely wallpaper in my guestroom, but I'm kind of wishing now that I'd seen these wallpapers from Sanderson first! I'm really, really digging the Miro pattern, though they're all equally fantastic.

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Graham and Brown Shape and Form


Graham and Brown has been making wallpaper look sexy for some time now, but their new shape and form line may be their best stuff yet. I'm particularly smitten with the checker wallpaper shown above. As with all Graham and Brown wallpaper a roll that will cover approximately 50 square feet can be had for around $60 a roll and a little DIY spirit. That's some pretty good value for the money if you ask me.

Has anybody had any experience putting Graham and Brown wallpaper up? Is it hard?

Graham and Brown available from Design Public.

Modular wallpaper

MIO Culture 3d wallpaper

Ok, I have to admit, there are a couple of things that I am an absolute sucker for when it comes to design. #1 Anything modular. The idea of a product that is flexible enough to be put together in a variety of ways, and allows for some creativity just appeals to me. #2 Green Design. To me good design should be global, since it is at the root of all consumerism, it only makes sense that efforts to protect our planet should start here. So, with these two weaknesses in mind, MIOculture has won my heart with their 3D Wallpaper. These made their way around the blogs about a year ago, but I thought that they were worth mentioning again for all of those that didn't catch it the first time. The 12" x 12" tiles can be arranged in any configuration you want and rotating them changes the pattern you get. They even have a program at their website that you can practice arranging them however you want. They are made completely of post and pre-consumer waste paper, and come with disasembly and recycling instructions. They come in four colors, and best of all, they are affordable. For $28 you get a pack of 12 tiles, or enough for a 3' x 4' space on your wall. That makes doing a whole wall fairly reasonable, or who says you have to do a whole wall. I think that a 3' x 4' section on a big wall would look great.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...