Wooden Toys :: Just Hatched

Justhatched woodentoys 01As you know, we're big fans of wood toys here at GRM, so when I spotted these charming toys from Just Hatched I couldn't resist sharing them with you!  With a focus on nature, each set is handmade from either Poplar or Birch, then painted with AP Nontoxic paints and polished with natural homemade beeswax.  So far, you can have your pick between a wooden leaf puzzle (6 leaf shapes: Oak, Beech, Ivy, Dogwood, Maple and Cottonwood), bear set (2 bears, cave, rock, and tree), or a veggie set (Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Potato and Carrot)!

Braille Rubik

Braille RubicI once had a Rubik's cube and I spent a long time learning how to finish it. This Rubik's cube definitely takes it to the next level, that is assuming you don't know Braille. Let's be honest though. If you had this, it would do the exact same thing that most Rubik's cubes do. Just sit around.  At least it would look good doing it.  Speaking of sitting around, this prototype will be sitting around MoMA NY, starting in July and will be on display until November 2011.

White Braille Rubik's Cube prototype

Bote toy boat

Big game studio has recently designed a new series of toy boats called "Bote" for Portuguese based Materia. I have a deep love for simple children's toys, and this cork boat with white plastic mast absolutely nails it. The mast is removable, and there are other boat designs that are interchangeable. Beautifully simple and brilliant. More pictures after the jump.

Photography by Julien Chavaillaz

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