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POPI've always been a fan of quilts ever since I was a kid. For one Christmas I remember the only thing I wanted was to have my mom make me a nice heavy quilt. Lucky for me she delivered, unlucky for me I picked out a black and forest green flannel. Flash forward 20 years and my mom and I are still talking about quilts. Luckily our taste has evolved and there are some amazing modern quilts out there. If you haven't seen the work of Barbara Perrino you are seriously missing out. She was nice enough to recently send some pictures of her latest work my way.  Check them out below.

b/perrino quilts


CMYK Quilt

cmyk quiltThis self described "color nerdery" quilt strikes a core with my inner color nerd. All the colors were hand mixed for just the right effect, and then the quilts are machine quilted. The flip side is a nice light gray that accents the quilting thread (detail pic after the jump).  Having worked on a couple quilting projects over the years, I know how much work goes into these things. With that in mind, I'm going to call this thing a bargain at $400.

CMYK Quilt by kim e-m


cmyk quilt detail

Carrie Strine quilts

Earlier this month I went to a fantastic textile themed art installation called Press Plush at GARFO Art Center (show runs through June 3rd) and ever since I have been really inspired by all things fabric. Along that same line, NYC based Carrie Strine happens to be doing some fantastic quilts right now, that I absolutely love. They are simple handmade quilts with a modern flair. They are being billed as everything from "Luxury Moving Blanket Throws" to "Linen Crib Quilt". To me they are all works of art.

Handmade Modern Quilts by Carrie Strine $150 - $350.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...