Touch of Modern : Micklish


What more do I need to say, it's Micklish. It's great to see Touch of Modern featuring smaller indie artists like this. Rest assured that when you buy you are not only getting a great deal, but you are also helping out a small design studio. 

Butler shown above.

Who doesn't want a personal butler to greet them at the door and take all their personal things away for safe keeping? It seems like at least once a week you can’t find your keys, or wallet, or …, so the Butler was created in an attempt to solve this little predicament. In addition, it eliminates go-to items from just just laying around.

"The Butler is made to fit your wallet and keys in the top sleeve, your iPhone on the side slot with a concealed space for your charging cord, and glasses/hat/scarf, (or other go-to item,) on the slide out walnut piece. The backside includes a routed out section for your charging cord and extension cord." - Curtis Micklish

Product Details

— Handmade 
— Note, the iPhone, charging cord and extension cord are not included.

  • MaterialsAmerican Walnut, Baltic Birch Ply
  • Measurements9"L x 10"H x 2.25"D
  • OriginUSA

$136 Micklish Butler


Touch Of Modern : Wine Hive


I've been on the lookout for a good wine rack for a while now, and while this Wine Hive from Touch of Modern may be a touch on the contemporary side for me, I still think it's brilliant. In fact if fall firmly into the "why didn't I think of that?" category in my mind. Eco friendly, flat packable, configurable, expandable, attractive and not too expensive. 

Product Details

— Hold 6 bottles of wine 
— Packs flat for efficient shipping 
— Eco-friendly 
— Bottom bumpers included

  • ColorsSatin Anodize
  • MaterialsRecycled Aluminum
  • Measurements7"L x 11.25"W x 7.25"H
  • OriginUSA

$90 Wine Hive 2 pack

$180 Wine Hive 4 pack

Fashioned by

fashioned by


"Fashioned by" was formed in 2011 as a collaboration between Farrah Sit and Dana D'Amico who met in 2005 and together designed for Calvin Klein Home. Rooted in a shared design philosophy and common aesthetic, Farrah and Dana have created a collection reflecting honesty to materials and a timeless, minimalistic beauty.

What I love about the collection most is the thoughtful materials used. The porcelain hanging pots come with a vegetable tanned leather strap and antique brass fastener. The desk items have a similarly strong set of materials. Leather, walnut, ash, brass, porcelain, you just can't go wrong.

Fashioned by on Etsy



Canvas Bushel Basket

bushel basket canvasI've been really into some of the more honest vintage products lately, so I hope you are hanging in there with me. Today's revelation is this fantastic canvas bushel basket from the museum of useful things. These canvas bags have a steel frame and leather binding at the top. While they look like they would be right at home in your local post office, I think that they would also be a fantastic contrast in a clean modern space. Measures 13 1/2" high and 17" wide.

1 Bushel Canvas Basket $88

Magnetic Light Switch

mangetic light switchHere is another brilliant key holder concept. This time it has been paired down to it's simplest form. By adding a strong magnet to the back side of the light switch plate it creates a place to put your keys when you get home. I like that when it is not in use, it disappears. Seems like this could be a real easy DIY project too.

Magnetic Light Switch


Key Shelf

keyshelfI thought these key shelves were a pretty novel idea. The shelf gives you a spot to empty your pockets as you come in the door, and it has a groove cut into it made especially for hanging your keys. Simple, intelligent, practical.

Key Shelf $25


wallplates hook

I'm still crossing my fingers for my Borough Furnace skillet from Kickstarter. In the meantime, I've got my eye on a new project. Wallplates are a functional light switch wall plate that give you a place to put your keys, mail, and other misc stuff that is looking for a home. You can be a backer for as little as $5, but $15 - $25 will get you the goods.


Wall Hanger :: Petites Productions

What! How cool are these wall hangers from French design studio Petites Productions? I love the giant grid hangers so much! They would be perfect for a hip office/reception area, don't you think? Also, since they're available in 10 colors and 7 sizes, you could easily find one to fit your space. I'm diggin' the orange one the most. Which color/size is your favorite?

Wall Hanger by Petites Productions: $40 - $480 (for the giant 45 hangers grid)

Wauli Wall Hooks :: PM Custom

These modern wall hooks would definitely add a nice pop of color to your walls! They're made from hot rolled steel plates and available as a single hook or row of six. Choose between six powder-coated colors (yellow, red, orange, blue, black, white) or two finishes (matte stainless steel or clear lacquer). I've got my eye on a single hook in a bright, cheery yellow! What about you?

Wauli Wall Hooks by PM Custom: $15 - $75

Separation Shelf

I could have used a couple of these last year.

The separation shelf is a shelf designed for couples that live together. It is built of a 2.5 meter oak lumber with grooves every 10 centimeters and four metal supporters. In regular mode the supporters are inserted into the groves, and serves both as hangers as well as book supports that divides the shelf into different areas. When the couple separates, the supporters are used as working tools which can break the shelf into two parts each partner takes his/her share (that is not necessarily equal) of the common property.

Doomed marital bliss aside, I think it's a fantastic simple and attractive shelf. More pics after the jump.

Separation Shelf

Fold Key Hook :: CB2

I've been looking for small and simple key hook and this steel number from CB2 may be just the thing! It gets its name from the fold at the top, which is designed to hold mail, checks, bills, you name it. At only 3 by 4.5 inches, it'll fit pretty much anywhere, too. Designed by Mark Daniel; powder coated in a bright Pool Blue.

Fold Key Hook from CB2: $7.95

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...