Studio DUNN


I fully admit to having a total soft spot in my heart for Studio DUNN. In fact they are one of few modern americana studio's that I actually own a piece from. As much as I love their furniture though, it was their lighting that first caught my eye. I'm happy to report that they look to be making a strong push back into the lighting world this year with two new designs. 


The Radiata (above) was inspired by a jellyfish of the same name, and I think looks especially amazing with the smoked grey glass. The Sorenthia (below) is made of steel and brass, it's delicate arms look particularly nice when grouped together.


Joss and Main : Details and Angles


Whoa! Is this really Joss and Main? I signed with these guys because they were a sponsor at Alt NYC, and I've been continually unimpressed ever since. Then all of a sudden they hit it out of the park with not one, but two amazing curated sales?



First the Details magazine curated sale is spot on. They describe it as a "stylish man collection" but I like to think it applies to anyone with good taste. There are plenty of deals too, like the $219 tripod floor lamp, $518 Sofa! and many more.

directors lamp saleNewImage

The "right angles" sale catches the tail of the now fading infatuation with triangles and all things faceted. Don't get me wrong, I'm still all about the angles, I just don't see this being the big "in" thing for too much longer. That being said, they have some timeless pieces that I absolutely love. Word to the wise though, look out for knockoffs. 



Available at Joss and Main

Ample : Solstice Floor Lamp

modern tripod lamp cloth cord

According to Ample, the Solstice Floor Lamp is "the modern tripod lamp done right." I have to admit, it's pretty banging. As usual with any high quality modern piece, God is in the details. In this case, those details reveal solid walnut legs, hand made natural linen shade, cloth covered cord, and a solid brass socket. Icing on the cake? It's made in Seattle Washington. Ample has lots of other gorgeous pieces as well. Go buy some. If the $499 price tag is too much for you, save you pennies and skip a few dinners out. (short term lose, long term gain) Also check out the not as nice, but cheaper tripod I posted in the On Sale! section today.


Ample Solstice Lamp $499

modern tripod lamp cloth cord

modern tripod lamp cloth cord

modern tripod lamp cloth cord

Touch Of Modern : Industrial Illuminants


It's hard to look at these different pendants from Touch Of Modern without thinking Tom Dixon. In fact, they are pretty much 100% "inspired" by the Beat Lighting series. The one thing they don't share in common however is the price. These are an absolute steal. Act quick though, they will be sold out soon.

Product Details

— Hanging pendent 
— Requires 1 light bulb (recommended 25 watt appliance bulbs) 
— Maximum wattage 100 
— Hard wiring included 
— UL approved 
— Hand crafted in India

  • ColorsGold, Black Matte
  • MaterialsIron
  • Measurements11"L x 11"W x 12"H
  • OriginIndia

Made by Warm Lighting

Shaping Your Day : Sunflower pendant

NewImageI always love a good pendant light.


ShapingYourDay is a brand new Danish brand, created by Mencke & Vagnby, and the first creation is the pendant Snowflower.

Sustainability and lasting design that moves you are the key features “shaping your day”. With a focus on simplicity and functionality of the Scandinavian design traditions, the founders and designers Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby have always had an international approach, making their impact around the globe. 

Snowflower Pendant $249


Manulution Furniture


What do you get when you mix old school Bosnian craftsmanship with Washington  DC modernism?  Manulution. Such is the name of this amazing little company that was founded in 1927. If you want to get technical, Manulution is really a subsidiary of Rukotvorine, but what really matters is the furniture.  It's everything that a piece of modern furniture should be.  Well designed, not afraid to show it' origin and craftsmanship, and reasonably priced. I'm particularly fond of the Daisy Collection.  

What's your favorite?



Naos Pendant Light



I'm a sucker for a good pendant light, especially one that is a "contemporary lighting system made of noble materials, lovingly made in France". Noble or not the 30 plates of natural oak veneer make for an amazing looking light, especially when turned on.

Naos Pendant light


Pendant Lamp with color cloth cord

NewImageEver since I posted about the vintage cage lights a while ago, I have been interested in making my own modern pendant light.  A lot of the parts are pretty standard, but it seemed to me that the cloth lamp cord was the chance to really make it into something amazing. I felt pretty lucky to have found out about Sundial, but a lot of their good cloth lamp cords were either sold out, or I was seeing bigger companies like Best Made use them. After a lot of searching around I was able to find a source for some fresh looking colorful cloth cord. I whipped up a few test pendants and shot some pictures of the results.

What does everyone think?

More available for sale (custom lengths etc) on my Modern Union Etsy shop.

Plus you can see some of the other colors I have on this listing here.


Gimme My Nixie!

I'm talking about the Nixie Clock, of course! Some of the older readers may know remember what I'm talking about... vintage digital display vaccuum tubes revived with new electronics as digital clocks. Let's face it, the aesthetics of modern digital clocks leave much to be desired. I vote for Nixie for my next clock sitting on my nightstand! Available as kits or completed units with stylish metal or lucite cases. However, I'm leaning toward an exotic wood cabinet from my woodshop to compliment that warm glow.... The web abounds with kits & completed units from such places as NixieClock and TubeClock. And for the DIYers, plenty of build stories like Pimp My Nixie.


Jielde - from factory to your desk

The Jielde lamp. Few have heard of this French pinnacle of industrial lighting design. But highly sought after by those in the know. Designed in the late 1940's by Jean-Louis Domecq (hence the initials and name JLD) as a factory or work lamp, the Jielde came into production in the 1950's. The ingenuity of the design is both amazing and timeless: No wires extend through the metal articulating arms! They come in one arm, two arms, up to 6 arms or more. Both the arms & the heavy ball joint conduct the electrical circuit to the light fixture, so no wires to worry about. The bulbous lamp shade has a 'crash guard' that is used to pull the lamp into position- no toasting your fingers on the metal lamp shade. The base is quite small as it was designed to mount to a wall or screwed to a workbench. Today, disc brake rotors or similar shapes are used as a stable base for use on a desk. The Jielde is still made today. And is very expensive. But the vintage lamps are where its at. On the recent Two and a Half Men sitcom, Walden had one on his desk!  

Brilliant Cut

In nearly all mass produced objects, the final outcome is divorced from its origin, from the process of production. Brilliant Cut's functional reference to the lamp guard and visual reference to the diamond also go to connect the final refined form of an elegantly cut diamond with its own process of production: diamonds are mined, lamp guards are used in mines. Brilliant Cut


Chick Lamp


A minimal portable floor or table lamp. Chick lamp is made of oak wood with box joint, white or black laquered iron rod and sandblasted glasses on both sides. Chrome toggle switch. A simple form created according to the golden section, enclosed by an iron frame stuck in a groove perimeter. The whole structure is fixed by only two small screws located under the wooden box. Best used with low energy bulbs.  Looking for a producer..

Chick Lamp

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...