NewImageI've always been a huge fan of kids toys that are made of wood. Add a little color and creativity and you have a winner in my mind. Cubiciti, today's favorite Kickstarter project has all those things. It's getting off to a slow start, and has an ambitious $58,000 goal to be funded, but I'd love to see it happen. 

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Cubiciti wood blocks.


bedtime story anyone?

The nightly ritual of reading to kids is performed by millions of parents. It's wonderful to think of a piece of furniture made to honor this Norman Rockwell-esque moment in the lives of most children but taking it in a very modern direction. I love the clean lines, the unfinished wood, and the sophisticated color and texture of the fabric on the canopy and integrated pockets. I think more kids would fall in love with reading with this bed in their room! Source Link:

Alianoid Humidifier

NewImageI sort of have a thing for interesting looking humidifiers, mostly because for so long it was next to impossible to find one. This unique take on the boring old humidifier comes from Minwoo Lee.  It's not hard to imagine where the Alianoid Humidifier gets its name from. It looks more like something from the movie WALL-E than it does a humidifier.  So far it doesn't appear that it is in production, but we can always hope.

Alianoid Humidifier



Miss Yesterday

NewImageI love a good wooden toy, especially an interactive one. I recently picked up one of these Transformobile bulldozers from GRM sponsor Miss Yesterday and I have to say it's an absolute hit. It's a nice mix of wood and plastic, and it is all held together with embedded magnets. To make things even cooler, the magnets are set up in a way that lets certain parts move in set increments. That means whatever position you put the bucket in, it stays there.

Miss Yesterday is not just about the kids toys though. I also picked up a fantastic handmade leather satchel for my girlfriend. The quality is great, and it's one of those pieces that you just know is going to get better and better with age. Available in yellow, blue or green, and in a 11" or 14" size.



Miss Yesterday

i-wood laptop

NewImageI'm typically a huge apple fan, but this time I'll make an exception. The i-wood by German based Rasselfisch is the perfect low tech laptop alternative for the kid in your life. I have a feeling it would make an easy DIY project as well. i-wood laptop

Gro Cribs

grodeskgro toddler bedBuying furniture for little people can be a serious investment, and sometimes it's hard to justify dropping a large amount of cash for something that is only useful for a few years. That's why I love cribs that can serve multiple purposes, like this Gro 5 in 1 Companion crib. Besides being a crib, there are options to turn it into a toddler bed (shown above), day bed, play table, or desk. All that and it assembles in under 2 minutes with no tools needed. Thats smart. Gro 5 in 1 Companion Crib $999 - $1,390

gro cribgro day bedgro deskgro truck

nautical signal code flag pattern blocks

NewImagevintage wooden blocks

wood blocks with triangle colorsI've been looking at these blocks on Etsy for a couple days now, and I honestly can't believe that someone hasn't bought them yet. Tempted as I am to get them for myself, I thought I would do the nice thing and put this out there for my readers. These amazing vintage wood blocks are honestly some of the coolest blocks I have ever seen. I absolutely love the colors and the inset triangle of white and yellow. A mere $20 will get you an amazing 9 block set. Someone get this before my hand is forced.

nautical signal code flag pattern blocks $



Modern Bunk Bed Round-up

modern bunk bedsIt's crazy how fast time flies. My two little tikes are almost both in big kid beds now. Trying to figure out the best way to make that work has sent me on a little scramble to find some modern bunk bed inspiration. It seems like there is a wide variety of options out there, most of which cost a pretty penny. The (1) Pluunk Bunk bed is the most amazing looking, but costs $4,400. The super sneaky (2) Lollipop murphy beds from resource furniture start at $3,500 and are by far the most space efficient by a long way. has everything from the (3) $3,400 Nurseryworks Duet bunk bed to a super inexpensive (4) $314 generic metal one. Lastly is the German (5) AMBERintheSKY which is a whole different scale of bunk bed. I don't know that it is available stateside, but it gets my DIY juices flowing.

Any other modern bunk beds that you love?

Eat Play Grow

eat play growNewImageThe Eat Play Grow table by Ruth Vatcher is designed to educate children on how to grow produce.

The concept of the table is that the trough at the back of the table allows the children to grow food in a water tight container. They can then use the watering pot as a tool to sustain the produce. Additionally, the felt provides storage of necessary tools beneath the table.

Honestly, after reading that and looking at the table, I still have no idea how it works. But I am pretty sure that I want one for my kids so I can educate them that felt, oak and white ceramics are three winning ingredients to one drop dead sexy table.

Eat Play Grow table.




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