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Some Kickstarted campaigns are just destined for success from day one. Okum Made's Everyday Objects is one of them. With 24 days to go it's only a few thousand dollars short of it's modest 17K goal. Along with the backers there has been no shortage of positive press in the blogosphere (ugh hate that word) with sites like MoCoLoco, BLTD and Cool Hunting praising Okum. Well let me just go ahead and throw my hat in the ring too. 

Okum and his products show a understanding of the material they are designed in. They are simple forms (hooks, salt and pepper shakers, trivets, bowls), made of simple materials (walnut, hard maple, aluminum) but they manage to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. Simple, beautiful, useful. What more could you ask for.

The best part is that you can be part of helping this designer become a success, which enables him to make more beautiful things. Do your part. Chip in. Support good design. I did.

Okum on Kickstarter 

Kickstarter : RX Made


As you know I like to feature up and coming companies that are making quality beautiful products. RX Made manages to pull that off with ease, and adds to the list of accomplishments by locally sourcing the majority of their material, and even heavily utilizing reclaimed good in their products. 

Born out of a Chicago based non profit called Rebuild Exchange, RX Made pairs local job program trainees with the design expertise of Chicago based Strand Design. The end product is an attractive group of products ranging from bottle openers to benches. 

It's clear that RX Made is doing good things and making a difference, and you can make a difference too by supporting them. They are launching their products on Kickstarter as we speak. You can help them out for as little as $1or for $25 you can get the handsome bottle opener above. Check out some of their other goods below, then head over to Kickstarter to watch their video and pitch in.

RX Made on Kickstarter 

rx made clock

rx made benchNewImage

Jack outdoor planter


I'm always interested to see what takes off on Kickstarter, and what doesn't. The Jack planter above seems like something that should be super successful. It's playing to the MCM vibe, filling a market that is relatively untapped (outdoor modern planters) and is reasonably priced. What's more, the campaign seems very transparent in that the majority of the money is going straight to the people actually building the things.  Last and not least, they only need $6,200 to be funded. That's not much for a kickstarter campaign.  Sadly so far it has only received $1,400 of funding and it only has 7 days left. 

Love it? Support it. 

If you don't think it should be funded, let us know why in the comments. 

Jack planter

STACT modular wine rack


Here is a Kickstarter project that was destined for success from day one. First off it's designed by one of my favorite designers Eric Pfeiffer. Second, it holds wine, which everyone loves. Third, it looks great. The fantastic photos that accompany it don't hurt at all either. The STACT modular wine rack is made of aluminum and your choice of wood, and is a modular system that can grow and move with you. It puts your bottles on display, and equally important, close at hand. 

The Kickstarter project still has 28 days to go and has already doubled the funding it needs to get off the ground.  Mark my words folks, this is your chance to get it for a great deal. After this I bet it will still be produced but prices will go up.

STACT modular wine rack, starting at $95.







Every night I sleep with an iHome next to my bed. I think it has an alarm function, but honestly I can't tell you for sure because I've never used it. In fact for some reason I don't even dock my iPhone on it, I just use the charging cable that comes with it. I also use my iPhone for an alarm every day, and while I've gotten pretty good at hitting the snooze "button" on the screen with one sleepy eye open I admit a big physical button would be easier.  Enter Snooze. It is a convenient docking station for your iPhone, and perhaps more importantly it turns the whole top of the dock into a giant snooze button. It comes with a free alarm app that makes your volume button a snooze, and has other expanded options. It's on Kickstarter for another 16 days and is currently half funded. It you like it, support it.

Snooze on Kickstarter $40



NewImageI've always been a huge fan of kids toys that are made of wood. Add a little color and creativity and you have a winner in my mind. Cubiciti, today's favorite Kickstarter project has all those things. It's getting off to a slow start, and has an ambitious $58,000 goal to be funded, but I'd love to see it happen. 

Spread the word.

Cubiciti wood blocks.


Cubby coat hook

NewImageWe love Kickstarted projects here at Grassrootsmodern. Not only are they a great way to help designers get funding for great projects, they are also a great way to get a cool product for a great price. The Cubby is a great example of that. It's an award winning design that has never made it into production. Now is your chance to help out, and to get a Cubby for you own for only $19.  Watch the video below for more details.

Cubby coat hook and storage area


The Bike Valet

NewImageIt seems like my inbox has been bulging lately with all sorts of great Kickstarter projects. The Bike Valet is one that you definitely don't want to miss, especially if you are a bike geek. Made from 1/8" powder coated steel, it's as strong as it is good looking. As with all things that I love, it's the small details that make it work, like the leather lining on the section that touches your frame, and the notch where the two pieces of metal come together. If you are on the fence, and looking for a little more emotional incentive to support the project, read about the devastating robbery the owner/designer Steven recently had in his shop.

The Bike Valet $75


ODDIO1 Headphones

NewImageIt's been a while since I perused Kickstarter but I've been finding all sorts of great projects the last couple of days. This one I'm particularly excited about because #1 it's and awesome concepts that is well executed, and #2 it's SLC based! The ODDIO1 cord free shuffle headphones are exactly what the name implies, a pair of headphones for your iPod shuffle that have, surprise, no cord. It's a solid idea, and the product design looks great.  Most of all I can't believe that they are only $35. Let's show them some support!

ODDIO1 cord free shuffle headphones $35


Toast: iPhone case

NewImageI love things that can be personalized. It makes me feel just a little bit less of a part of the machine.  TOAST is here to personalize your iPhone with classy laser cut wood veneers. They have 8 standard designs, and you can add any text yo want to them. It's a decent little kickstarter project that needs some serious kickstarting to make it's deadline in 6 days.  If you like it, spread the word, and quick.

Toast iPhone case starting at $20




Usually I'm saying that I wished I would have thought of this. This time I'm saying I did think of this, and now I wish I would have actually done it. The c/dock is a new Kickstarter project for all of you who use your iPhone as an alarm clock. Made from a solid piece of Walnut with either an aluminum face, or a glossy resin face. The c/dock incorporates a usb cable into the mix to keep your iPhone charged up for you.

Honestly I would have like a plain walnut face option, but besides that the execution seems pretty great. If you like it, support it.

c/dock on Kickstarter


wallplates hook

I'm still crossing my fingers for my Borough Furnace skillet from Kickstarter. In the meantime, I've got my eye on a new project. Wallplates are a functional light switch wall plate that give you a place to put your keys, mail, and other misc stuff that is looking for a home. You can be a backer for as little as $5, but $15 - $25 will get you the goods.


Kickstarter :: Borough Furnace

9I'm not going to lie. I just really like the word "foundry". Borough is also a nice word too now that I think of it. Borough Furnace is a up and coming foundry based in upstate New York, and they are looking to make some beautiful cast iron cookware. I've actually been wanting a good cast iron skillet for a while, so this is one that I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Here are the bullet points for why you should drop $300 for a 9" skillet.

- The thing is a looker. Classic cast iron with a contemporary twist.

- This will be the last skillet you ever buy. Ever.

- You not only get an amazing skillet, you also support a passionate artist.

In my short adult life I know I have bought at least two or three non stick skillets, all of which eventually get sketchy and worn out. Cast Iron is like the OG non stick, only better. Plus it's pretty ideal for a conduction cooktop, which I am also a huge fan of. Plus as I mentioned above, you don't just get a skillet, you also help borough furnace to build a micro-foundry and prototyping studio that gives them the ability to explore new cast iron products and objects.

Borough Furnace on Kickstarter.

Day Maker

Phone ToasterThis absolutely brilliant iPhone charger/alarm hub is, well, absolutely brilliant. With obvious inspiration taken from the toaster the Day Maker "..lets you know it’s time to rise and shine with a little added spring from your phone alarm. And if you’re not quite ready to face the day, snooze on effortlessly by pushing your little slice of digital heaven back into its tray." Yes please, I'll take one.  No word on pricing or production yet, but rumor is that it may be heading to Kickstarter.

Day Maker

Via Inspire Me Now


Over the weekend I received a couple good Kickstart submissions that I wanted to share with everyone. The first one (shown in the video above) is Freakers.  Basically it's a knit sleeve for your beverage container of choice made with all sorts of fantastic colors and patterns. Sounds a little cheesy I know, but they actually look pretty cool.

Next up is a magnetic vase idea called Lusion Bloom. It's a vase that is held up by a magnetic vase that sits under a tablecloth. Pretty cool idea...

Love em or hate em, you can find out more on Kickstarter.



We love Kickstarter projects here at GRM. The latest great project that we have stumbled upon is Blockets.

Blocklets are a system of interlocking pieces that can be used to make anything, from sculpture to furniture, and soon Arduino-based robots. Made of laser-cut wood and acrylic, they snap together with a satisfying 'click' and they feel great in your hand.

A $25 pledge will get you a basic Blockets kit with 86 wood and acrylic pieces.

Blockets on Kickstarter

Blockets website

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...