Ikea Share Space

ikea share spaceIkea lover rejoice! The maker of Scandinavian flat packed goodness has a new inspirational website called Share Space. Despite the somewhat awkward URL, it looks like a promising site. You can browse photo's sent in by fellow ikeaphiles or even upload your own. Just like the online catalogue you can tag all the products in your space. It's a good way to see what other people are doing, and maybe even get some good inspiration for your next project. The new website also includes a burgeoning blog as well.

Ikea Share Space

Per Ranung

I don't quite remember the bread crumb trail I followed to get to Per Ranung's portfolio, but I can say it was worth it! This Swedish photographer has an eye for simplicity and a total control of lighting. He makes all these amazing interiors look even better, a task that's harder than you might think. Be sure to check out the rest of his work and bask in the beauty of all those Swedish homes!

Per Ranung Photography

Form 3 DeCarli House

I have blogged about Form 3 before. Based out of Tomales California they design and build amazing homes and custom furniture. They just finished up a recent project that I thought was worth sharing. The home shown above is new construction, but they were able to reclaim 80% of the wood from the old home.

The interior is full of custom furniture in typical Form 3 style. I really love the contrast of concrete and wood that they use in a lot of their projects. This whole home was built for around $200 a square foot, which is not cheap but by California standards it's not bad at all. More photo's after the jump.

Form 3

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