Plunger lamps


I love creative uses of ordinary items, but I don't think I ever would have thought of using an accordion style bathroom plunger for a lamp shade. Shown above are two different versions of "plunger lamps". The one on the left actually uses a rubber plunger base fitted with a socket and an accordion plunger for the lamp shade. On the right is one via instructables that uses the whole plunger. So what do you think, creative idea or just gross?

Table lamp


Hindsvik Vintage


Everyone knows that Etsy is full of all sorts of wonderful hand made items, but lately I am starting to see more and more quality vintage items for sale. One shop that seems to have a lovely assortment of mid-century treasures is Hindsvik Vintage. Based out of Canada this little Etsy shop has a nice assortment of furniture and other household accessories all at fairly reasonable prices. They also have a great blog that features some of their vintage finds as well as other content.

Hindsvik Vintage Etsy Shop

Hindsvik Vintage blog

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