Palm Springs Modern

Last weekend we were down in Palm Springs for our third Fiesta Movement mission. Ironically we went down there looking for some Eichler homes only to find that Eichler never did any developments there. It was still an amazing trip though, we stayed at the beautiful Chase Hotel and saw plenty of gorgeous MCM homes. Most of the residential development in the 50's was done by the Alexander construction company, and you can read about it here.

More info on Palm Springs via the Eichler network

The Chase Hotel

Way Back When: Eichler

Joseph Eichler may be one of the most well known Mid-Century Modern residential architects developers. In the 50's and 60's he was fortunate enough to design and build whole neighborhoods in California. I must admit when it comes to Eichler I'm pretty ignorant, but I'm looking to change that. Next month for my Fiesta Movement mission I'll be heading to California for a weekend to look at Eichler homes, and hopefully take some good pictures and video. Before I go I need your help!

What are some good websites to learn more about Eichler?

If I could only go to one neighborhood, which one should it be?

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