diFeltro Fold

NewImageEveryone knows that we are huge fans of felt here at GRM and when you add a little leather into the mix you get the perfect combination. The diFeltro Fold is an American designed but Italian made carrier for your iPad or other sundry electronic items. I love the pallet of materials, and the execution looks pretty top notch as well. It's not surprising then that the kickstarter campaign is already fully funded and still has 21 days to go.

diFelto fold iPad bag $30


Kindle Sleeve :: Rustic Case Company

RusticcasecompanyWe've posted about iPad, iPhone, and laptop sleeves galore but it's good to see the Kindle* finally getting some love!  It doesn't hurt that I've got a soft spot for anything made from wool felt, but throw a little leather into that mix too and it's a surefire hit.  So, to the Rustic Case Company I say: Nicely done!

* I love my** Kindle!

** I should clarify: I love my husband's Kindle that I have since co-opted.

Bubble Dot Sleeves

MIO Bubble Dot SleeveAnyone who has read this blog for a while knows what a soft spot I have for anything felt.  Special thanks to GRM Michelle who sent in a link to these felt Bubble Dot Sleeves by MIO Culture. These 100% felt sleeves come in a couple different sizes,and can be used for iPads or laptops.

On a side note, when I told Michelle I was swooning over these now, she said men don't swoon.

Michelle. I swoon.

Bubble Dot Sleeve $55



UK based Cushlab is doing some fantastically creative pillows out of felt. The texture and colors that Becca puts together really take things to the next level. All pillows are made out of wool/felt viscose and 100% wool. Sizing is standard so it should be easy to find a nice down insert. Pricing starts around £70.00 for the smaller sizes. Custom orders are accepted.


Dance Hall House :: Barbara Hill

I have been lusting over Barbara Hill's modern interiors ever since I first discovered her work (which, for the record, was last week). One of my favorite spaces is this restored dance hall in Marfa, Texas, which Barbara resides in about half of the year. It's a unique combination of South Western, Scandinavian, and Contemporary styles - and it totally, totally works for me. What do you think?

LINK: barbarahilldesign.com

More pics after the jump.

P.S. Bonus points if you spotted a Felt Shade Light in this home!

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