Aark Watches


Watches are dangerous. Sort of like bags, shoes, bottle openers and so many other things that I just want to collect for no apparent reason at all. Aark watches appear to be extra bad, because I want one of each of them. While they do have quite a few very classic looking ones that I really wouldn't mind having, my eye was particularly drawn to these more playful colors. 

Aark Collective

Which is your favorite?

Vanessa Gade Jewelry

IMG 0002I'm not sure whether it's better to describe Vanessa Gade's work as wearable sculpture or jewelry, but either way I'm in love. She combines simple materials and simple shapes to make breathtakingly beautiful pieces of art. This year at Dwell On Design she introduced her new FORME line which explores more organic geometric shapes. She draws inspiration from her surroundings, everything from flagstone pathways to the overlapping power lines of the MUNI train in San Francisco. 

A special thanks to Vanessa for sending me a beautiful necklace (above) for my girlfriend*

Vanessa Gade



Feedly + What blogs do you follow?


It's been a while since I have found some life changing technology. I recently upgraded to OSX Mountain Lion and ended up migrating back to a few core Apple applications (Mail, Safari). In the process I've been on the hunt for an elegant looking RSS reader so I can keep track of the few blogs I follow on a regular basis. I wanted something web based that would sync across multiple devices, and did I mention I wanted it to look good? Luckily I stumbled upon Feedly. The web based app is available on Chrome, Safari and Firefox (as well as most smartphones), and looks amazing on all of them. It works by syncing up with your Google reader account and presenting all the blogs you follow in a beautiful layout. I'm only a few days into using it but so far I'm absolutely in love. It has a robust set of shortcuts and different configurations to make it fit your needs. 

Check out Feedly now.

Get your reading list jumpstarted by importing my list of sites below to google reader by downloading this file (right click save). Update your google reader account then sync with Feedly. Instructions here for google, and here for Feedly.

So what blogs do I follow? 

Here is where I have to make a confession. For being a modern interior design blogger I'm absolutely horrible at following fellow bloggers. Part of it is that I don't want to be that guy that just re-blogs awesome things that I find on other sites, and part of it is that I'm just lazy. That being said, I would encourage everyone to check out the following blogs if you don't already. 



Design Milk

Better Living Through Design


Swiss Miss

I feel like that little group has been and will continue to be the core of good design blogs out there. I may have missed one or two (did I mention I'm lazy?), if I did, let me know in the comments. 


Now on to what I follow daily. It's a good mix (for me anyway) of design, fashion, and other visually interesting sites. In no particular order…

Build Blog


Build is a Seattle based architectural firm that specializes in Modern and Mid Century modern design. What I really like about the Build Blog is that it reminds me of the good old days of "modernism" online. When I first started blogging 7 years ago Dwell had some amazing forums full of architects and designers that were willing to share all of their trade secrets to further the cause of modernism. Unfortunately the forums were axed, and that helping community disappeared. Build is the last breath of those old days. On their blog the share their philosophy of "everything it needs to be and nothing more" and how that translates to everything from cabinetry to gutter details. Their posts on baseboard details and modern door jambs are a must read for anyone interested in modern interiors. 


The Sartorialist


Hopefully you know about the Sartorialist already. It's a fashion website. More accurately it's a blog by photographer Scott Schuman who has an amazing eye for street fashion. I think his photography is beautiful, and I love seeing the world through his eyes. He goes to lots of great places and always manages to catch great shot's of beautiful people dressed interestingly. One caveat.  Don't bother reading the comments. 


Anchor Division


Another fashion blog. Technically mens fashion and lifestyle blog. Jamison Aweau does a great job curating the site, and he has great access to all sorts of interesting people and places. 


Emmas Designblogg


More Scandinavian design than you can shake a stick at. I've been fairly obsessed with minimalist yet natural Scandinavian design for a while now, and Emmas blog fulfills all my cravings. 


The Shiny Squirrel 


OK, I'm going to be absolutely honest here. I have absolutely no idea what the Shiny Squirrel is all about. All I know is that it is chock full of pretty pictures I like looking at. Nothing wrong with that right?


New City Movement


New City Movement is a local blog by my dear friend Jesse Walker. He is an accomplished graphic designer and DJ and has been a stalwart member of SLC's in crowd for years. It's great to see my little city through his eyes, and stay up to date with what is cool. 


City Home Collective


Speaking of locals, there are some new kids in town in SLC and they have been ripping it up. City Home Collective is a Realtor/Creative design group based in Salt Lake City. They do a lot more than just sell homes though, the sell lifestyles. They are constantly seeking out what's cool in Salt Lake and actually make me pretty damn proud to be living in this town. 




This is a top secret blog for locals only. Dallas is semi local (Ogden technically) and has an incredible eye for finding "stuff". He sells it all locally for crazy cheap prices, and if you see it on his blog first, you get half off. Seriously. I'm greedy. Don't tell anyone about this site.


You Are The River


My buddy Gale turned me on to this site about a year ago. It's what he calls "soul modern" which I think is an amazing way of describing the aesthetic. It's full of wonderfully minimalistic interiors that actually feel warm and inviting. Almost an american version of scandinavian design.


A Continuous Lean


Yet another mens lifestyle/fashion blog. I particularly like the way editor Michael Williams dissects fashion and what he likes about the things he shares. For someone like me just dipping his toe in fashion it's nice to get a full breakdown on things. It helps me bridge the gap between "I really like that look" and "I really like that look because of X and Y".


Makr blog


I've been following Jason Gregory since he first started his leather goods company Makr. Since then he has grown into a thriving business of "carry goods" and he is even cracking into product design and interior design. What the secret to his success? He has an amazing eye, and he's able to convert that vision into real world goods. His blog is a combination of updates from the shop, sneak peaks of up coming products, and loads of amazing photography. I would be lying if I said I didn't absolutely love his ongoing collection of tasteful female nudes. (speaking of which have I ever mentioned I have a tumblr page?) Let that stand as your NSFW warning. 


The Brick House


The Brick House has been around for 4 years, which is a long time in blog years. Morgan doesn't post often, but when she does it's really quality stuff. Her house is fantastica and full of money saving DIY projects. Her writing style is matter of fact and unapologetic. Oh, and she has a soft spot for brutalism. Is that an oxymoron somehow?

Like her style and need a fix more often? Follow her on Tumblr.


Hello Define


Personal blog of Jessica Define, Hello Define covers a wide swath from Americana to Type Fonts. Like all of the above blogs she has an amazing eye, and makes me feel like a cooler person for having read her blog. 




Guys like stuff. At least I like stuff. Uncrate has rad stuff. According to their banner it's a "Digital magazine for guys who love stuff, five awesome new things are posted every day". I'd say I sincerely want about 30% of what they post, which is pretty good in my eyes.


So, that's my short list. Now tell me what I'm missing. SHARE IN THE COMMENTS PEOPLE!



School boy satchel & Canvas Duffel


I've mentioned before my infatuation with bags, but did I admit I love shoes too? A year ago I bought these great Allen Edmonds that I absolutely adore. The natural coloring on them is what won me over. Well last week I decided it was time to retire my Nau messenger bag and get something a little smaller to carry to work everyday. I've been wanting a good quality leather satchel for years, so I took it as a sign from the gods that I had just gotten a 30% off code at Bonobos and they had the BillyKirk School boy satchel in stock. The hefty price tag and a bad review almost discouraged me from pulling the trigger, but ultimately I decided it was just too irresistible. I've only had the bag for about a week now, but I'm absolutely ecstatic about it. The quality seems superb, the leather is beautiful and soft, and it happens to match my shoes almost perfectly. I snapped the above instagram picture in the elevator the other day when I first noticed it. 


Billy Kirk School Boy Satchel $365

On the other end of the financial spectrum, right before I went to New York last week I picked up this little duffel made by a local company Springbar. They usually make heavy duty waterproof canvas tents, and this Basic Duffel is made out of the same waterproof canvas. Basic is a great word to describe it too. It's pretty much a no frills duffel, it doesn't even have a shoulder strap. The canvas is amazing though. It's a great blue/green/gray color, totally waterproof, and strong as hell. Oh, and the $17 price tag is pretty sweet too. 


Basic canvas duffel $17

Tanner Goods : Sunglass Case


Over the weekend I got the first real taste of summer, spending some quality time on the back porch of one of my favoritelocal watering holes.  Unfortunately I found myself lacking a quality pair of sunglass, something I intend to change soon. While the exact pair I get is still up in the air, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that they don't come in a case anywhere as attractive as this one by Tanner Goods. Made of Horween Chromexcel leather, they are burnished, dyed, waxed and stamped with their signature mark. Perfection

Tanner Goods sunglass case $62


Bexar Goods Co

NewImageI mentioned last week my new found obsession for bags.  I've been looking for a good leather or waxed canvas tote for a while now, and I was stoked to happen upon Bexar Goods Co. They were kind enough to send me a Black Aviator Carry tote last week, and I've been putting it to good use ever since. First impressions? I was really really impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the details.  The copper rivets have got to be my favorite part of the whole bag.  They look amazing, and are super sturdy and functional. The strap is just the perfect length to slip over your shoulder and the contrast between the black bag and the tanned leather handles is really nice. Overall, I couldn't be happier, and while it's not the cheapest bag, I'm betting it's the last tote I have to buy for a very long time.

Bexar Goods Co. Aviator Carry $219


Bag obsessed

NewImageI have a 10 day trip to Paris coming up at the end of the month, and I have spent the last couple of days frantically looking for the perfect piece of luggage to take with me. This Klein 24" deluxe leather bag has absolutely stolen my heart, and while ultimately I didn't end up picking it up, I will own one someday soon.  In the meantime, you can check out some of my other favorites on Pinterest, including a number of fantastic (and affordable) Masonry bags.

So what did I end up getting? Price, size, practicality and style made the East German Garment bag (below) the best choice for me. I'll let you know how that works out.

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diFeltro Fold

NewImageEveryone knows that we are huge fans of felt here at GRM and when you add a little leather into the mix you get the perfect combination. The diFeltro Fold is an American designed but Italian made carrier for your iPad or other sundry electronic items. I love the pallet of materials, and the execution looks pretty top notch as well. It's not surprising then that the kickstarter campaign is already fully funded and still has 21 days to go.

diFelto fold iPad bag $30


Miss Yesterday

NewImageI love a good wooden toy, especially an interactive one. I recently picked up one of these Transformobile bulldozers from GRM sponsor Miss Yesterday and I have to say it's an absolute hit. It's a nice mix of wood and plastic, and it is all held together with embedded magnets. To make things even cooler, the magnets are set up in a way that lets certain parts move in set increments. That means whatever position you put the bucket in, it stays there.

Miss Yesterday is not just about the kids toys though. I also picked up a fantastic handmade leather satchel for my girlfriend. The quality is great, and it's one of those pieces that you just know is going to get better and better with age. Available in yellow, blue or green, and in a 11" or 14" size.



Miss Yesterday

Lori Bracelet

evrt studio braceletI don't usually write about jewelry, but I'm going to make an exception for this Lori Bracelet from EVRT Studio. It seems to have everything that is hot right now, raw wood, faceted surfaces and a healthy pop of color. Seems like a winner to me.

This isn't the first time that we've feature EVRT here on GRM. We had a little piece on their CIty Towels earlier this year.

EVRT Studio

Lori Bracelet $45

Blackout Silicone Watch

flat black silicone watchAlmost 6 months ago one of my readers wrote to me looking for a source for a flat black watch. I did some googling around and came up empty handed, but I never forgot the challenge. Today I was delighted to find this sexy black silicone watch by Michael Kors. I've got sort of a thing for watches, and this one definitely get's me drooling. I'd love to see it in person to see how the silicone feels etc. Anyone have this watch, or know of any other good flat black watches?

Blackout Silicone Watch $168

My money needs a home...


OK reader, I need a little help. I'm currently in the market for a new wallet, but I'm not really a wallet guy. More of a money clip/ card holder in the front pocket guy. So far I have come up with the following short list. 1. Magic Wallet w/ money clip and ID window. $20. Not very creative name, but some nice features. I worry that the quality will be poor based on the price. 2. Norman Copenhagen move credit card holder. $60 Look like it could be a bit bulky, or worse everything wouldn't fit.. 3. John Kubasek carbon fibre knife. $200 Too rambo? Plus it's uber expensive and I could never fly with it. I do like the idea of it serving multiple purposes though.. 4. MAKR Horizon three wallet. $90 I love anything Jason does. Hand made, high quality.

Does anyone have any other good suggestions?

Void Watches

void watchesI like watches a lot. Specifically, I like unique watches a lot, and I've gone though quite a few in my day. Next on my list of "must have" watches are these beauties by Void. Not only do they have a great layout with lots of interesting negative space, they have an epic material lineup to choose from, my two favorite being white ceramic and copper. I'm also really really liking the analog semi circle layout.

Void Watches

iPhone Wallet Sleeve by RETRO MODERN

Retro Modern Iphone WalletI'm not much of a wallet user, but I am a complete iPhone addict.  This leather wallet sleeve by RETRO MODERN may just possibly be the perfect combination of wallet and iPhone case. Think of it as a svelte clutch for the guys.  Each wallet is hand made from genuine soft leather and has several pockets for all your necessities and a snap closure to keep them all safe. Pricing is a little steep starting at $80, but if you compare that to buying both a case and a wallet, it seems about right.

RETRO MODERN leather iPhone wallet sleeve

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...