Best Made Extension Cord + DIY links

best made extension cords DIYbest made extension cordBest Made Company always has a wonderfully curated collection of home goods and I'm especially fond of this extension cord. Every other extension cord I have ever bought before I have wanted to tuck behind some furniture, but this is one that I would be proud to have strung across the room.

While $34 for a quality cloth covered extension cord seems pretty reasonable to me, real frugal shoppers should check out the post I did on DIY Vintage Cage lights. Sundial Wire has the exact same wire for $1.25 a foot. Grandbrass also has some great plugs for under $3.00. A little handywork and you could get it done for under $20. Someone do it and report back to the group.

Best Made Extension cord $34


Please excuse me while I pay some bills...