Affordable modern pivot doors

I'm a big fan of pivot doors, but for some reason it seems like it's really hard to find an affordable pre hung pivot door. At least in the US. If I lived in Australia, I could pick the one shown above for $2,200. It's made by a company called The Door Keeper, and they have all sorts of options in standard and pivot doors. Something tells me the shipping wouldn't be cheap.

Anyone know where to buy a prehung pivot door stateside?

The Door Keeper pivot doors

Flush Door Handles


A while ago I was looking for suggestions for door handles for our son's room. I mentioned that I had some friends that have some crazy flush door handles that are original to their MCM home. While we ended up going with some fairly simple door knobs from Home Depot, I have still been trying to find something similar to what they have in their home. These renderings from Smart Design Studio are about the closest I have found yet. If anyone knows of a production version, let me know.

Trying on a new door


If you remember my video where I tore all the siding off the front of my house last month, you will remember that my front door is pretty drab. My friend is trying out a couple new door designs that he has and asked if he could come put one on my house to see what it would look like "in the wild". I was amazed a what a difference it made on how our house looks! The pictures really don't do the door justice (especially the bad photoshop work!). The door itself is made of solid core walnut with 1/2" structural glass. The fit was perfect, it's just too bad it was only a test and we had to send it home at the end of the day.


While this one was a sort of prototype, he is working on a production model. Pricing should be very affordable, especially when compared to Neoport and all other "Modern" door manufactures. I'd love to know what people think of the door, do you love it, hate it, what would you change about it?

If you want any more info about it, feel free to drop me a line via the contact form.

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