Clayhaus modern tiles

clayhaus mid century modern tile

clayhaus mid century modern tile

Up until yesterday if you would have asked me where to get good mid century modern tile, I would have said Heath Ceramics was the only place. But that was yesterday. Now I've got my eye on Clayhaus. They may be the new kid on the block, but they have a very strong line up of modern tiles. The influence of early modernists is apparent in everything from their Bauhaus inspired name down to their fantastic color palette. Icing on the cake for me is the fact that it is all done by a small husband wife team. I love supporting the little guys.



Mod Candles :: Perch

Over the years, Perch has been adding to and expanding their beautiful ceramics line and the most recent addition is a collection hand-poured soy candles. I love that they have the same bright colors and playful style that you've come to expect, not to mention the fact that you can reuse them as pots once the candle is used up. Pretty fantastic, I say. Check out all the available colors and styles here.

Soy Candles by Perch: $30

Scan Birdhouse :: Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Pigeon Toe Ceramics is at it again with a new line of products for Fall. One standout is this ceramic and cedar wood birdhouse. The hand-thrown porcelain base is topped with a handcrafted, locally harvested, sustainably-sourced wood, paneled for visual interest and weather treated. Oh, and an 18 inch, vegetable-dyed, braided leather cord is attached for easy hanging. Fancy!

Scan Birdhouse by Pigeon Toe Ceramics: $96

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...