NewImageTired of drunk octopuses wanting to fight with you? Meet Frank. Available in a variety of great colors, he would be more than happy to let you hang your coat on him. Charming, affordable, practical. That's my kind of rabbit. 

Frank $10


Furni : Alba alarm clock

furni albaFurni is one of my old favorites that consistently makes good looking quality products, and never seems to get the recognition that they deserve. I was delighted to see over the weekend that they are on Once again inspired, I checked out their website for the first time in a year or two, and I happy to find that they still have great stuff. The new and improved ALBA clock for example is not only fantastic looking and well detailed (see below) but it has some great features too. iPod/iPhone integration with a custom app available with purchase, 10 stage dimmable display, metal grill etc. Available in white, black, barn wood, walnut, concrete and all sorts of other amazing materials/finishes.

ALBA Alarm clock from Furni.


Alianoid Humidifier

NewImageI sort of have a thing for interesting looking humidifiers, mostly because for so long it was next to impossible to find one. This unique take on the boring old humidifier comes from Minwoo Lee.  It's not hard to imagine where the Alianoid Humidifier gets its name from. It looks more like something from the movie WALL-E than it does a humidifier.  So far it doesn't appear that it is in production, but we can always hope.

Alianoid Humidifier



Unihook :: Pat Kim

Unihook patkim 01

These coat hooks from Pat Kim remind me of those old school bike hooks you screw into the wall (anyone? anyone?), except in splashy colors of course!  This wall hook only requires a single nail, though, and holds up to an impressive 30 pounds.  Available in pink or purple and your choice of brass or aluminum.

Unihook patkim 02

Miss Yesterday

NewImageI love a good wooden toy, especially an interactive one. I recently picked up one of these Transformobile bulldozers from GRM sponsor Miss Yesterday and I have to say it's an absolute hit. It's a nice mix of wood and plastic, and it is all held together with embedded magnets. To make things even cooler, the magnets are set up in a way that lets certain parts move in set increments. That means whatever position you put the bucket in, it stays there.

Miss Yesterday is not just about the kids toys though. I also picked up a fantastic handmade leather satchel for my girlfriend. The quality is great, and it's one of those pieces that you just know is going to get better and better with age. Available in yellow, blue or green, and in a 11" or 14" size.



Miss Yesterday

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