Fishwall Pattern Wall Tiles

blik wall tilesIn recent years we have seen wallpaper move from the ultimate faux pas to a viable solution in a modern interior. This is largely in part to a wide variety of new wallpaper with bold modern patterns and styling. I have always thought that wallpapering a wall would be a fairly easy DIY project that could dramatically change the feeling of the room, though I have a feeling the actual act of wallpapering may not be quite as easy as it sounds (can anyone confirm?).

That brings me to my current interest in Blik pattern wall tiles. The "fishwall" shown above is my favorite of the designs, and unlike traditional wallpaper the self adhesive tiles can be repositioned and moved easily. That way you could even rotate them to different walls in your house when you feel the need to switch things up. For $39 you get two 24" x 48" printed sheets which works out to around $2.50 a square foot, which is comparable to the higher end offerings from Graham and Brown.

Fishwall pattern tiles from Blik $39

Reader question: Subway map mural?

Here is a great reader question that I thought someone might have some good ideas about...

I am looking for a really large, modern poster or wall decal that looks like a subway map. Any ideas on where I could find it?

I mocked up a quick photo to show what I think Cameron is looking for. Does anyone know of a company that sells something similar?

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...