Cut Clay Dome :: Shane Powers

With all the terrarium buzz that's been going on in the last year or so, it's unusual to see such a unique approach to the trend. But, the super-creative Shane Powers managed to pull off a refreshing twist - in collaboration with West Elm, no less. The Cut Clay Cylinders and Dome set consists of three earthenware vases and a large glass dome. Each element is sold separately, but can be combined to create a "staggered, architectural tableau for rocks, sand, cacti and succulents". Very cool. Very cool, indeed.

Cut Clay Dome available from West Elm: $19 - $49

Click here to see Shane's other designs for West Elm.

Heath Ceramics Summer 2010

Ah, it's that time of year when the design gods start showering us with new collections. And I'm certainly not complaining - I'm super excited about these new pieces from Heath Ceramics. The Summer 2010 collection represents an ongoing series of glaze experiments, where two glazes overlap to create a third color. I don't know about you, but I like this new direction!

To me, these colors just ooze 'summer'. I can almost feel the warm sun and taste the homemade lemonade just by looking at them! Each piece is hand dipped and the result resembles "the horizon line of a summer meadow – the inspiration for the Summer collection." Sounds absolutely dreamy.

This new collection is comprised of a pitcher; 12x12 platter; large modern cup; tumbler; bud vases; 6x12 platter; deep serving bowl; vegetable bowl; and a vase collection: bulb vase, single stem vase, and multi-stem vase. These items may be purchased individually or as sets of various configurations.

If you're eager to get your hands on these little bursts of sunshine, be patient. The Summer '10 collection debuts April 1st. Until then, feel free to "Oo" and "Ah" over Heath Ceramics' other collections!

Pigeon Toe Ceramics Spring 2010

I've been a fan of Pigeon Toe Ceramics since they first debuted in 2009. Each handmade piece is so beautiful, clean, and tactile. The new 2010 collection does not disappoint, either. Fromcolorful nesting bowls to hanging test tube vases, each product offers a fresh new approach to a very old and traditional medium.

Like all of Pigeon Toe products, these new pieces are infused with a sense of wit and charm. The faceted hanging tray is definitely my favorite new item in the collection. What's yours?

Pigeon Toe Ceramics Spring 2010 Collection: $28 - $144

Obleeek Objects

200912310920.jpg 200912310922.jpg

Concrete is a great material, it's inexpensive and when done right it can look absolutely amazing. Unfortunately the hard part is the doing it right. Luckily the folks at Obleek Objects know to get it done. They have a special blend of volcanic ash and portland cement that makes their concrete planters 40% lighter than traditional concrete. Not only is it lighter, but it looks absolutely gorgeous. Their modern concrete planters come in sizes from tiny to x-large and cost between $45 to $200+. They also have a lovely assortment of tables and bird feeders.

Obleeek Concrete Planters available from Feel More Human starting at $45.

Price too steep? I double dog dare someone to try this as a DIY and share your results with the group!

Coin Storage


Having spare change is not a big problem for me as I rarely pay for anything with cash these days, but if you are the kind of person that usually ends up with some extra coinage in your pocket this coin storage may be heaven sent. Designed to hold your keys and whatever other random items you keep in your pocket, and be a coin bank to store those unwanted pennies it's the best of both worlds. Available in white or black with a wood bottom.

Available from Molla Space for $32.

Plant Pod


It's hard to find a good hanging pot. Most of them come off looking like some 70's macrame´ project. This new one Plant Pod from Perch happens to not only be good looking, but very functional as well. It features an interior planter with drainage holes, and an outer dish to contain it all. And everything is hung up using a natural leather cord. Like all Perch goodies this pot is made with low-fire ceramic, non-toxic glaze; natural leather cord tanned with vegetable-based dyes.

Available from Branch Home for $98

Stacking Thimble Cups


I don't know what it is lately but I am absolutely in love with anything that is simple and made of white porcelain, especially unglazed. Portland Oregon based Pigeon Toe Ceramics has a wonderful selection of porcelain and porcelain-like stoneware. The pieces all have a simple Scandinavian aesthetic. Prices are very reasonable with most pieces in the $20 range.

Available at and Etsy

Flower pot and calendar

Picture 1.png

I 'm loving the idea behind this flower pot and calendar by the Nothing Design Group. It creates a sort of DIY floral calendar that you can switch out any time you want. The tall linear shape of the calendar creates a simple backdrop to frame your flower of choice and the dates droop down in the shape of a vase. I haven't found any US distributers, but the daring can get it in Korea for 14,700 Won or about $10. This might even make a good DIY project.

Nothing Design Group.

Flower pot and calendar (in Korean).

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...