1048 Lake Street


Here's another great modern home for sale in Salt Lake City with some amazing interior elements and a great neighborhood. Located in the 9th and 9th area, this home was built with the environment in mind. It has an ICF foundation and SIP construction with R40 in the walls and an amazing R80 to top it off. It even has one of my favorite things, radiant heat. The price tag is set at $685,000 which is a little steep for my blood, but for all the green construction that has gone into this thing it's probably a good deal. For more details and lots more pictures, check out Utahmodern.org or the Realtor Andrew Stones' blog.

Gingerbread Modern


A friend of mine recently bought this beautiful inverted butterfly home a couple of blocks away from me. Not only does he have great taste in architecture, he also has some mad skills when it comes to gingerbread houses. This little gem is an exact replica of his home, with a couple tasty adornments added. Great work Luke!

Check out more photo's of his beautiful MCM home on Flikr.

The Solaris Collection


Last week Capree blogged about the new modern homes that are being built in the Utah super suburb Daybreak. The $206K price tag sounded too good to be true, so I had to go check it out for my self. I admit that I was pleasantly impressed. The homes themselves were well built and the majority of the interior details were well done. Interior surfaces were fairly high end, including nice glass tiles in the kitchens and bathrooms. The ikea interiors made me feel right at home. Overall they are an amazing feat for $140 a square foot land. Sure the .10 acres you get isn't a ton of land, but at the price point you really can't beat these house. As much as it might pain me to say it, these homes are probably the best example of affordable modern in Utah, maybe in the whole country. The biggest downside to the whole thing is the location. Besides feeling like you lived in a movie set (which really didn't bother me to much) the rather extreme south west location may be a deal breaker. To me it would mean an extra hour of commuting every day. To see lots more pictures and get more details head over to Utahmodern.org.

Solaris Collection

More pictures on Utahmodern.org

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Way Back When: Utah Heritage Foundation


This week for our "Way Back When" spotlight goes to the Utah Heritage Foundation. While many people think of historic preservation as saving a bunch of victorian pioneer houses, Utah Heritage Foundation has set out to prove that they are interested in preserving and promoting education on all historically significant buildings, including MCM ones. UHF has recently added profiles on their website of prominent MCM architects like Dee Wilson and John Sugden who studies under Mies. Head over to their website for some great articles and photo's. Also make sure you join the Salt Lake Modern facebook page if you want to stay up to date on local events and learn more about MCM homes in Utah.

Utahmodern.org weekly update


A lot has been going on over at Utahmodern.org the last couple of weeks. Tristan of Mid-Century Mod-ification felt the effects of the recession when he lost his job as an architect in a two partner firm. As luck would have it he was able to get a job doing contract work for Hunter Douglas, which has some pretty cool projects. Tristan were pulling for you and hope it turns into a full time gig!

Carina of Mid-century Modern Utah fame started up a blog and mused about Ethan Allen, shared some photo's of a sweet MCM home in Provo and announced an opportunities for locals with a MCM home to get some professional photo's taken for free. Any takers?

We've also had some more great people join our little community. If you're in Utah, love design and haven't signed up yet, head over there and sign up today.

Utahmodern.org Weekly Review


It's been another great week over at Utahmodern.org with some wonderful contributions from our members. Laine of Interior Renovations is on a roll after making a kids desk last week. This week he made a full sized desk that has a nice contrast of stainless steel and wood. Make sure you drop by and let him know what you think of it. He's always looking for feedback. Jory shared some more of his great eye for art and talks about what Wassily Kandinsky and Chalupa's have in common. I also posted a video of a remodel in a downtown loft that looks like something more out of So Cal than Utah. Last but definitely not least Preston signed up for his free blog and shared some ideas about sustainable design.

Utahmodern week in review

200901011051 With the holidays this last week we had some great posts on some of the Utahmodern.org blogs. Liam did some rearranging in his studio apartment. A closer inspection of his picture revealed that we have yet another thing in common, a love of old cameras. Jory also started up a new blog this week called Dot Gain and started things off with some great post's including one about Charlie Harper. Stay tuned for lots of more great things from Jory. To round things out Laine is up to more of his mod fab tricks and built a gorgeous desk and chair set for his son for Christmas. Head on over to his blog and give him some feedback about what you think about it. Who knows if there is enough interest in his stuff we may have to open a GRM store ;).

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