Firewood Trolley Storage

NewImageI'm working on doing some interior design for an upcoming convention, and while looking for a good outdoor table I came across this Firewood Trolley by Radius Design. At first I was just attracted to it's fairly reasonable price ($500) and the fact that it's made of steel and oak so it should hold up well. It looks great loaded up with firewood, but would be equally at home acting as an outdoor bar cart. What really impressed me however was its flexibility and the way you can stand it up vertically and use it for a bar height serving table. Available in stainless, black or white.

Firewood Trolley Storage cart $499






The Butler

NewImageYou can go ahead and add this to the list of yet another brilliant idea that I wish I would have thought about.  The Butler is an iPhone storage/charging station that even has a spot for you wallet, keys, and other sundry items you may need to drop after a long day's work.  It looks just as brilliant without the iPhone as it does with it. It turns out designer/craftsman Curtis of the micklish has all sorts of brilliant ideas you should check out

 The Butler $170

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Paraleelos Shelves

NewImageI'm always on the lookout for creative shelving solutions. This one comes from a collaborative design based out of Mexico called Masiosare Studio. The Paraleelos shelves are formed by two vertical ladders that hold the horizontal cross pieces. Smaller square shelves can be placed wherever needed. Originally designed for the Estudio in San Ángel project, they are now working on mass producing the piece.  More information as well as a video is available on their website.

Masiosare Studio


Closet Organization


I may have mentioned it before, but I just moved into a new place, and I'm still desperately trying to get everything organized. The one thing that the house unfortunately lacks, is a good amount of closet storage.  There is a spare room in the basement that isn't really being used, and I have been thinking about using some sort of closet organizers to make if functional for clothes storage. Anyone have experience with California Closets or the like?

Cubby coat hook

NewImageWe love Kickstarted projects here at Grassrootsmodern. Not only are they a great way to help designers get funding for great projects, they are also a great way to get a cool product for a great price. The Cubby is a great example of that. It's an award winning design that has never made it into production. Now is your chance to help out, and to get a Cubby for you own for only $19.  Watch the video below for more details.

Cubby coat hook and storage area


Reclaimed Shelving Unit

NewImageI love these simple industrial/vintage looking bookshelves. The material pallet is simple and straight forward, as is the construction. Blake Avenue seems to have hit the nail firmly on the head, although the $1,150 price tag does seem a little on the high side. That being said the rest of his Etsy shop is full of great looking custom furniture that falls in the same industrial/vintage vein, and I'm always a fan of paying a little more for a truly custom piece.

What do you think about the price? To high? To Low? Just right?

Reclaimed Shelving Unit $1,150


The Bike Valet

NewImageIt seems like my inbox has been bulging lately with all sorts of great Kickstarter projects. The Bike Valet is one that you definitely don't want to miss, especially if you are a bike geek. Made from 1/8" powder coated steel, it's as strong as it is good looking. As with all things that I love, it's the small details that make it work, like the leather lining on the section that touches your frame, and the notch where the two pieces of metal come together. If you are on the fence, and looking for a little more emotional incentive to support the project, read about the devastating robbery the owner/designer Steven recently had in his shop.

The Bike Valet $75


IKEA Hack :: Raw Wood Expedit

ExpeditikeahackI had this exact Expedit bookcase in my old office (along with a million other people), but I never liked the door and shelf inserts that were available from IKEA.  If it were still in my possession, I'd be more than half tempted to try this raw wood door hack that Karla Jean Davis and James Abercrombie shared recently on IKEA Hackers.  What do you guys think?

Offset Bench :: West Elm

OffsetBenchThe Offset Bench from West Elm is the perfect entryway piece, especially if yours is a "shoes off, please" home.  With a nicely upholstered cushion (available in red, beige, or grey), taking those shoes off or tying them back on just got a whole lot easier for guests--and yourself!  As for the extra storage on the side?  BONUS!

P.S.  This bench reminds me a little of Blu Dot's Cognita Bench, albeit with a lighter visual heft... and a third of the cost.

Wauli Coat Rack

wauli coat rackBecause sometimes it's the little things that count. If you've ever looked for a sturdy attractive coat hanger with a modern aesthetic, you know there isn't a whole lot out there.  Especially if you are looking for something with a little color.  The Wauli coat rack from PMCustom fits all those criteria, and it's available in a range of wonderful colors (and sizes). Plus as with everything on Etsy, you get the satisfaction of supporting small scale designers and craftsman.

Wauli Coat Rack $15-$75

Via Remodelista


Modern Santa Collection

ModernsantaI know, I know, I know... we haven't even celebrated Halloween yet.  To be fair, it's only a few days away and hey, if you're going to order stuff for Christmas, you better do it now, right?  Right??  Well, it sounds like a good plan to me, anyway.  Plus, why would you want to wait any longer than you need to to have these perfectly modern Santas in your life?  Santa mugs, Santa cookie jars, Santa pitchers, and Santa shakers... they want to be friends.  So order 'em.  Now.  Before Halloween, even.

White Enamelware


I hate plastic tupperware and I'm always looking for a good alternative. While I am pretty happy with my glass tupperware I have now, I have to admit this enamelware is pretty amazing. I'm pretty sure I can find a good excuse to pick some up. While it can't be used to heat up food in the microwave (enamel is basically a ceramic layer over metal) you can put it directly on the stove top to reheat food. The $49 price tag is a little steep, but this is one of those things that is going to literally last a lifetime.

Enamelware from Kaufmann Mercantile $49


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