La La Label pillows

NewImageIt turns out that neon rabbits isn't just a good name for a synth pop band, it's also a great idea for a scandinavian inspired pillow cover. Available in pink, blue, or orange these fantastic pillow covers from La La Label in Stockholm Sweden are as thoughtfully designed as they are good looking. You can pick up a insert/filler from your local Ikea for a perfect fit.

Neon Rabbit pillow cover $48

Pink Bird Pillow :: Rose Patate

Triangles are a huge trend in design and home decor right now and I'll openly admit that I've jumped on this particular band wagon just a bit. So, when I spotted this pillow from French designer Rose Patate, I got pretty excited. The facing side is a screen printed bird on raw linen, but the back is where the triangle party is. Either side would look great facing out, but I think you know which one gets my vote!

Pink Bird Pillow by Rose Patate available from Vitrine: $65

Design Your Own Pillow :: InMod

I just spent way too much time playing with InMod's "design your own pillow" tool - it's so cool! They have patterns to suit just about anyone's taste, including a Modern Classics theme featuring silhouettes of iconic chairs. I really like their Organic and Retro themes the most, though. After you've picked a pattern, you can play around with different fabric choices and colors. The pillows are surprisingly affordable too, especially considering they're "custom". So, head over and check it out. Be warned, you may lose a good chunk of time!

Design Your Own Pillow from InMod: $40 - $50

P.S. They also have a coordinating design your own bedding tool!

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...