Clam Chair


Argh, I'm so over winter already. In fact I think my hatred of cold may have hit a new level today when I actually put a hand warmer in my pocket before leaving for work. While mother nature continues to deliver up cold weather and snow storms, I like to daydream of warm days on the patio. 

Yesterday I came across this gorgeous Clam Chair on The Potted Store. After a little bit of digging around, it sounds like they were originally designed by John B Salterini. The originals can be quite expensive, but these new ones seem very reasonable at $295 each. They are available in orange, a lovely pale green and brown. 

Clam Chair $295 from The Potted Store

Wok Fire Pit

It seems like the weather if finally starting to turn warm here in Utah. This summer I'm looking forward to a couple of lazy nights sitting around a fire pit doing absolutely nothing. I think this Wok Fire Pit would do just fine. Available in a 33" or 37" size it can be used to burn logs or it has an optional gas burner that can be fitted. S'mores not included.

Wok Fire PIt $349

Cayman Watering Can :: Sprout Home

It's gardening time soon, friends! Around this time of year, I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for cool modern (and affordable) garden tools and accessories. This watering can from Sprout Home fits the bill perfectly. Made from polystyrene and completely recyclable, this glossy little number also holds 2 liters of water. Not too shabby. Available in yellow or green.

Cayman Watering Can from Sprout Home: $16

Tie-One-On Outdoor Sectional :: CB2

Sooo... I guess it's like a bean bag for your yard? That's kind of cool. At the very least, the Tie-One-On Sectional from CB2 is probably super comfy (not to mention durable - it's made from heavy-gauge, water-resistant polyester with PVC lining). Oh, and it's modular: you simply tie the different pieces together in whatever configuration you want. While I love the lifeguard-red color, I'm not entirely sold on the slouchy/lounge-y look. What do you guys think?

Tie-One-On Outdoor Sectional from CB2: $100 - $200 / piece

AK47 Fire Pits

Continuing with my recent warm weather obsession of sitting outside around a nice fire...

AK47 is an Italian based design firm that has turned out a whole slew of great looking fire pits. I mentioned them a while back, but it looks like they have some new tricks up their sleeve. While their fire pits are designed to be shipped, I have a hard time believing you are going to be able to get one stateside. In the meantime, hit up your local metalworker and tell him to get busy. Give me a call when it's done. I'll just sit here with my bag of marshmallows waiting.

Hit up AK47's site for more modern fire pit goodness.


There is just something about sitting outside around a fire that I love. I've been looking for a good outdoor modern fire pit for a while, and these outdoor fireplace by Modfire are definitely candidates. Available in either natural blackened steel or several modern colors they are made in Phoenix AZ and are reasonably priced in the $500 range. There is even a propane kit for $150.

Anybody have any other favorite outdoor fireplaces?


NEW: Modern Planters from Wallter

I'm super excited about these new aluminum planters from home accessories brand Wallter! The outdoor collection is a first for Wallter, known for their textiles and paintable wall decor. Husband and wife duo Max and Linda Geiser were inspired after developing a passion for gardening with their two young boys, resulting in these beautiful planters that fit their modern aesthetic and fulfilled a desire to accentuate the family garden.

The collection consists of three styles: Post, Wall, and Hang. My favorite are the post planters, which sit atop a four-foot post. Wouldn't they look lovely clustered in a garden? The wall planters would also be great for those with limited outdoor space, as they could attach easily to a terrace/patio wall, etc.

Made of spun aluminum and available in four bright, powder coated colors: Orange, Mustard, Teal, and White.

[No price yet, but you can contact Wallter to be notified when the planters are ready!]


Just got the prices for those planters: $70 - $90

Dual-Action Watering Can

It's about time to get out and garden! While I love a good container garden, I don't enjoy the many, many trips of refilling the ol' watering can it takes in order to get everything good and soaked. I'm thinking this dual-action wonder from designer Pascal Charmolu may be the magic answer.

The sculptural form is ergonomic and practical: hold the can's neck with one hand and the sizable recess in the base with the other while you pour or shower up to 7.5 liters of water. Made from recyclable polypropylene, this can stands at 22.5 inches tall and features a removable spout and perforated, stainless steel lid. Available in black or green.

Dual-Action Watering Can by Pascal Charmolu: $78

NEW CB2 Outdoor

*angelic OOs and AHs* Did you hear that? That's the sound of a new CB2 outdoor collection! This year they've introduced a lot of new chairs, accessories, and outdoor "art". A few of my favorite items are pictured above. I really love the angles of the Sawyer Chair and the bright, glossy orange of the Tweet Bird Feeder. As always, these items are priced to please. Check out the whole collection here and report back with a few of your favorites!

1. Tweet Bird Feeder - $29.95
2. Maze Wall Hanging - $129
3. Igloo Chair - $149
4. Sawyer Chair - $249
5. Alpha Sculpture - $69.95
6. Swell Chair - $599

Working Class Studio: Outdoor Pillows

The reality of sunshine and rainbows is right around the corner and has me dreaming of outdoor living spaces. In this imaginary world wherein I actually have an outdoor area large enough to own outdoor furniture and thus accessorize said furniture, I own pillows like this. And I have a pool... and a million dollars. And swanky friends who lounge around drinking martinis and talk about politics. OK, maybe not that last one.

About: Designed by Andrea Gray (M.F.A. candidate, fibers, SCAD) and Leah Jewer (M.F.A., graphic design, SCAD), these delightful pillows are printed on a durable, machine-washable polyester sateen. The cases are filled with an outdoor-grade 18-inch polyester insert and feature a coordinating solid back. Available in three designs and three colors--green, brown and black/white. Dimensions: 18" x 18"

Outdoor Pillows by Working Class Studio available from shopSCAD: $30

Wall Mounted Bike Rack


Spotted this cool, reclaimed wood bike rack on Etsy the other day and thought some of you DIYers would appreciate it. It seems simple enough for a moderately handy person to create, plus you'd have your choice of wood/finish to make it something truly remarkable. If you're not particularly handy, you can purchase this wall mounted bike rack from Cantilever and Press for $75.


Please excuse me while I pay some bills...