Avalisa Memory Game

200804220743It's been fun watching Avalisa's offerings grow. She started out with a couple of nice prints and now has expanded to offer cards, rugs, and her latest, memory games. Memory is one of those classic games that is entertaining for any age group. These 3 x 4 cards feature all the great Avalisa designs you already know printed on a sturdy little card. They come in a lead free metal box to make sure that they don't get bent up while traveling. The price is a very reasonable $15, and as always you can choose to donate to Cure International. Available from Avalisa for $15.

Marie Belle Mod Chocolates

Looking for that last minute special something for that hard to shop for person? I was at Artichokes and Company today, and I saw these chocolates from Marie Belle. Let me tell you, I am not normally the type of person to get excited about some chocolates, but these were absolutely beautiful. Each individual chocolate had a different mod print on the front of it. I didn't actually taste any of them, but I hear that they are as good tasting as they are good looking. They have a holiday box set of 16 chocolates for $35 dollars, which is a little expensive for chocolates, but come on, it's Christmas. If you are feeling frugal like me, you could always go for the $7 box set of 2.

Available here.

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