laser tools - which one?

200701091831Mary needs some good advice. Here is the problem:

Can i get tips on laser tools ? i am interested in using a laser to construct a wall to divide a room. i borrowed a friends laser (black and decker bdl310s, $80 at hd) and got very frustrated trying to make the outline of the wall on the two walls and ceiling and floor. i ended up, to determine how to get the new wall square to the room, measuring off an existing wall onto 2points on the ceiling, dropping a point onto the floor w/ a plumb line from those two ceiling points, and only using the laser from this point on to extend those 4points into a square outline. i was really expecting the laser to help eliminate the plumb line and the 'measuring off the wall' step.

could it have been easier ? what laser product can anyone recommend ? very frustrating.

Head over to the forums to see what I think, and give her some advice.

What’s Hot in Phoenix?

200612280646My wife and I will be in Phoenix this weekend. We should be rolling into town Friday sometime, and not leaving until Monday. We plan on trying to cross the border down into rocky point to get some good mexican food and walk on the beach. Besides that what are some other must do/see things in Phoenix for a modern lover. Let us know in the forums.

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