XL Magnetic Timer

NewImageMy Stepfather was a photographer when I was growing up, and consequently I spent a good deal of time in the darkroom of our local newspaper. They had these fantastic glow in the dark timers to keep track of film processing (ohh the good old days) that looked exactly like this one from Kikkerland. While this one seemingly lacks glowing parts, it is magnetic which makes it easy to stick on your fridge, and it's only 1" thin.

XL Magnetic Timer $20

Twice Twice Dot Clock :: Jonas Damon

TwicetwicedotclockWhy 'Twice Twice', exactly?  Well, each side of this minimalist time-telling beauty has its own clock face, which you can set to different times (or the same, you know, if you're OCD or something... or normal).  It can also be mounted to the wall railway-style or set vertically on a flat surface.  Two position options and, essentially, two clocks: Twice Twice!  The "dot" part is pretty self-explanatory, right?

Day Maker

Phone ToasterThis absolutely brilliant iPhone charger/alarm hub is, well, absolutely brilliant. With obvious inspiration taken from the toaster the Day Maker "..lets you know it’s time to rise and shine with a little added spring from your phone alarm. And if you’re not quite ready to face the day, snooze on effortlessly by pushing your little slice of digital heaven back into its tray." Yes please, I'll take one.  No word on pricing or production yet, but rumor is that it may be heading to Kickstarter.

Day Maker

Via Inspire Me Now

Hip Clock

hipclockI'm an avid "iPhone as an alarm clock" kind of guy, so it's nice to see that there are some options out there besides the standard issue. One of the newest on the block is the Hip Clock.  It does all the things a good alarm app should do, plus it looks pretty. There is a classic analogue interface (shown above) or a flip clock or digital clock version. My favorite feature? Shake it to turn on the flashlight. Brilliant. All it is missing is a nice wooden stand to go on. I'm thinking something like this one I saw at ICFF.

Hip Clock.

Punkt :: AC 01 Clock

AC01Clock Punkt JasperMorrisonIt seems most people just use their cell phones these days (guilty as charged!), but if you're looking for an actual alarm clock for your bedside table this solid aluminum number may be the way to go.  Available in three colors (black, white, or red), this glass-faced alarm is beautifully understated and perfectly minimal.  Designed by Jasper Morrison for Punkt.


Safe Travel Clock

Safe Travel Clock - LexanWhile my iPhone seems to be doing  pretty good job of dragging me out of bed in the mornings, I have to admit that the looks of this Safe Travel Clock by Lexan are pretty enticing. It's more than just good looks too. This bamboo and bioplastic alarm clock will run of batteries or solar power, making it the perfect travel companion.

Lexon Safe Travel Clock

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