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As you know I like to feature up and coming companies that are making quality beautiful products. RX Made manages to pull that off with ease, and adds to the list of accomplishments by locally sourcing the majority of their material, and even heavily utilizing reclaimed good in their products. 

Born out of a Chicago based non profit called Rebuild Exchange, RX Made pairs local job program trainees with the design expertise of Chicago based Strand Design. The end product is an attractive group of products ranging from bottle openers to benches. 

It's clear that RX Made is doing good things and making a difference, and you can make a difference too by supporting them. They are launching their products on Kickstarter as we speak. You can help them out for as little as $1or for $25 you can get the handsome bottle opener above. Check out some of their other goods below, then head over to Kickstarter to watch their video and pitch in.

RX Made on Kickstarter 

rx made clock

rx made benchNewImage

Gimme My Nixie!

I'm talking about the Nixie Clock, of course! Some of the older readers may know remember what I'm talking about... vintage digital display vaccuum tubes revived with new electronics as digital clocks. Let's face it, the aesthetics of modern digital clocks leave much to be desired. I vote for Nixie for my next clock sitting on my nightstand! Available as kits or completed units with stylish metal or lucite cases. However, I'm leaning toward an exotic wood cabinet from my woodshop to compliment that warm glow.... The web abounds with kits & completed units from such places as NixieClock and TubeClock. And for the DIYers, plenty of build stories like Pimp My Nixie.




Usually I'm saying that I wished I would have thought of this. This time I'm saying I did think of this, and now I wish I would have actually done it. The c/dock is a new Kickstarter project for all of you who use your iPhone as an alarm clock. Made from a solid piece of Walnut with either an aluminum face, or a glossy resin face. The c/dock incorporates a usb cable into the mix to keep your iPhone charged up for you.

Honestly I would have like a plain walnut face option, but besides that the execution seems pretty great. If you like it, support it.

c/dock on Kickstarter

Anything Alarm Clock

anything alarm clock

It's been a long while since I have actually used an alarm clock besides the one on my phone, but this little guy from Anything Design looks like it would like to live in my bedroom. Recipient of a RED DOT AWARD for 'Best of the Best' in the product design category, 2009 the Anything Alarm clock is available in five smashing colors: Orange, White, Black, Yellow or Turquoise.

Anything Alarm Clock $69

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...