Lamino Chair

lamino chairOK everyone, if you aren't already following Love Nordic its time to get on board. Yesterday Samantha posted about this fantastic Lamino chair that I had never heard of before. It's made by Swedese and  comes with a whole range of different upholstery choices. The side table is also made by Swedese. Make sure you check out the rest of the photos on Love Nordic that include an amazing blend of plywood and sheepskin pulled off like only the Scandinavians can do.

Lamino Chair by Swedese

Flexible Love

flexible loveIt's not uncommon in the design blog world to see a cool idea that never makes it to market. When the Flexible Love expandable furniture pieces were first being featured everywhere I figured they would never be available. I'm happy to report I'm wrong. Industry Gallery in DC is now the exclusive US seller of the Flexible Love line. I was also pleasantly surprised to see how affordable they are too. Pricing is between $200 - $800, which for something that seats 8 - 16 people, is pretty amazing.

Flexible Love

Gypsy Modular

I've been posting a lot of Kickstarter projects lately, and I keep finding more great ones. Gypsy Modular based right here in Utah is this weeks find. They have designed CNC cut modular furniture for kids that can be assembled without any hardware. They have stools, tables, chairs and more. The styling reminds me of some other modern kids furniture I've seen before, but the prices seem crazy inexpensive. Stools are $25, chairs are $45. I believe those prices include shipping.

Gypsy Modular on Kickstarter

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