LBC Paper :: Handmade Paper Effects

LBCpaperWhat are 'handmade paper effects'?  Anything from pushpins to greeting cardspaper cut art to envelope stickers - all created by Etsy seller LBC Paper.  I'm particularly fond of her geometric pieces and those colorful pushpins pictured above (bottom right)!

Handmade paper goods from LBC Paper: $3 - $160

P.S.  LBC are the initials of the seller who, if you can correctly guess her middle name, will refund you 25% of your order.  Nice!

Potion Brand Holiday Cards

This is for all of those procrastinators who still haven't gotten out their Christmas cards. Potion Brand is a San Francisco based company that produces high quality, and tasteful cards. They have a holiday line out which we think is simply delightful. The pictures above are an example of some of the cards that they have. They come in a box of 12 for $18, which isn't bad when you consider what you pay for one awful Hallmark card. Each box contains three different designs, and there are three different box sets available. We also admire their commitment to the environment by using environmentally responsible inks.

Support our modern grassroots artists, and get them here.

Letterpressed Cards

***UPDATE*** Owl Print above is by Looking for that perfect card to say "best wishes" or "congratulations"? Believe me, I feel your pain. I have spent way to many hours at Hallmark looking at drab humorless cards that just don't even come close to saying what you feel. I have always resorted to making my own cards, with my own messages. For those of you not up to the challenge of designing your own cards, check out these hip letterpressed cards from Sprout Home. They are all hand printed on antique letterpresses. The images are transfered by relief method, so the designs can both be seen and felt. Each card also comes with a vellum envelope.

Available here for $6.

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...