Way back when:: The Story of Eames Furniture

I have a book "Eames Design" that is written by John and Marilyn Neuhart, and it is one of my prized possessions. It's like an Eames bible for me. At 450+ pages, I thought it was the definitive book on the work of Charles and Ray, but "The Story of Eames Furniture" is an astounding 800 pages, two volumes and has more than 2,500 images.

It's officially on my wish list.

The video above is a wonderful interview with Marilyn and John. In it they talk about the process of making book, and what it was like to work with Charles Eames.

Eames Design

Tomorrow marks 32 years since Charles Eames passed away, and 22 years since Ray Eames passed away. They died exactly ten years apart. In that ten year gap Ray worked feverishly to get their studio in order, and help document the work that they did together. Eames Design is the authoritative book on the works of Charles and Ray. Written by former Eames employee John Neuhart and his wife, and under the careful direction of Ray Eames it does a wonderful job of documenting all the wonderful work that emerged from the Eames office.

Eames Design from Amazon $150

Bird Wood Book

 All Images 4 4B4 80E Il Fullxfull.15887656When my wife was a kid she had a little red bird watching book that she carried around with her everywhere. This book might be blank inside, but it's so good looking that you might want to carry it around with you, or at least put it on a shelf where everyone can see it. Available in either ash or walnut and these 4 x 6 homemade books feature a wooden cover with a screenprinted image protected by a clear varnish. Inside you'll find 72 blank pages just waiting to be filled. Available from Veronicapress Etsy shop for $28

The Complete Custom Closet Book

200612050649A while ago I ran a poll about how I could improve the site here at Grassroots Modern. One of the popular responses was to do more complete DIY posts with explanations of how I build things. Let me just say I have the best intentions, but so far I haven't gotten around to it. For those of you with a closet project coming up needing some good advice, make sure you check out the new book by my friend Chris over at Gleason Woodworking Studio. It's called The Complete Custom Closet and it has everything you need to tackle that closet quandary you have been stressing about.

Available from Amazon.com for $16

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Hotel as Home

 Images Covers480 1568986033-1200611060910Hotel as home is a new book by architect Gary Chang. Raised in Hong Kong, and frequently traveling abroad, Gary knows Hotels. In this unique work Mr Chang shares his favorite Hotels, along with all the fine details that only an architect would pick up. He has been meticulously logging every great hotel room he has stayed in since the late 90's with photos, and drawings of the rooms floor plan. Included in each entry is the exact room he stayed in, as well as the price paid for the room. This book is a must have for anyone who loves hotels. My favorites were Hotel Le Corbusier, with a daily rate of $92, and the beautiful Hotel Zurichberg at $166 a night. Great pictures, great price. Published by Princeton Architectural Press.

Available from Amazon for $19

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