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Joe Papendick takes the idea of what a bird feeder should be and turns it right on its head. In fact, they look more like works of art, sculptures that just happen to function as feeders. Each of these steel beauties is hand-welded by Joe in his St. Louis workshop. The price for such a unique, finely-crafted object? Surprisingly affordable. Joe says "These new pieces represent my continued effort to offer designs that are both interesting and affordable. From where I stand the 'interesting' part is just as important as the 'affordable' aspect." A man after our own hearts!

Check out Joe's shop to pick up your very own modern bird feeder!

Bird Feeders by Joe Papendick: $65 - $84

NEW from Red Yellow and Blue Ink


Remember those awesome acrylic bird feeders I wrote about before? Well, I just got word from Jenny of Red Yellow and Blue Ink that she has some new designs up for sale! These new feeders are inspired by the bright, cheerful colors of Spring. Jenny has also developed several new designs using re-purposed traffic signal lenses. Very cool! Be sure to check out the mini feeders/catchalls made from the scraps that accumulate during fabrication - a very creative solution, indeed!

Modern Acrylic Bird Feeders from Red Yellow and Blue Ink - $24 - $85.
Partial proceeds go to the National Audubon -

Red Yellow and Blue Ink

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Maybe it's the unseasonably warm weather this week, but I can't stop thinking about Spring - the clean air, the sense of hope, and the birds. I thought I'd take a look and see what the lovely people of Etsy had to offer in the way of bird feeders and then I found some of the craziest/coolest feeders I've ever seen. These one of a kind bird feeders are made from an assortment of materials - acrylic, steel, and rubber - and are all handmade and designed by Jenny of Red Yellow and Blue Ink. Unhappy with the styles that were offered in stores, Jenny set out to design her own bird feeders. She's been selling them via word of mouth since 2005 and recently added them to her Etsy shop.   

About the feeders: "This is my own design and I have made this feeder using a bevy of various hand tools. The hanging wire is stainless steel cable. A variety of colorful rubber washers on upper and underside of the roof. The body is made of cell cast acrylic, a great material that can handle extreme temperatures hot and cold. The non-absorbent acrylic is also great for maintaining a clean feeder, which is very important for the health and well-being wild birds."

I don't know about you, but I am just floored by the ingenuity and straight up style of her designs!

One of a kind bird feeders sure to delight any avian passerby from Red Yellow and Blue Ink from $60 - $75.

Popoutz Birdfeeders

200806040732Our new house has a much bigger yard than we are used to, and luckily for us it comes with all sorts of birds. There are some old bird feeders that are left behind from the previous owner, but we are in need of some new ones. Most of the ones that I like are way too expensive, so I think that eventually I will just make my own. I did run across these plastic birdfeeders from DWR that are a pretty good deal. For $25 you get three bird feeders (red, black and clear) and a pack of insect flavored bird seek. While insect flavored birdseed doesn't sound too good, I do like the simplicity of the feeders. Plus if you ever decided to get rid of them, they are recyclable.Popoutz bird-feeders available from DWR for $25

Blomus Bird Feeder

 Ccimg.Shop.Com 220000 226700 226778 Products Lg 30975060We have featured Blomus products here at GRM before. Thats because they do a good job at making clean affordable modern accessories. I have perused through their website a couple times before, and for some reason I don't recall ever having seen this great modern bird feeder. Made of stainless steel, like most of the Blomus line, this simple ground stake bird feeder would look good in any modernists back yard. I'm sure the birds would appreciate the good design too. Available from for $31.

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