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I know I'm getting lazy posting lately. I'm super busy working on some new things including some updates to the site, and getting licensed to sell (modern) homes in Utah. Hopefully my posting frequency will pick back up soon, in the meantime enjoy this video of Arne Jacobsen.

Prudential Federal Savings and Loan Building : SLC

NewImageIt's been over a years since I first wrote about the potential demolition of the Prudential Federal Savings and Loan building in Salt Lake City. Since then the issue has mostly been out of the public light, but thankfully in the last few weeks there has been some discussion around the issue. Today the Salt Lake Tribune ran an article discussing the potential loss of the this great piece of Mid Century Modern architecture. It's interesting to see that almost all of the comments are in favor of saving the building. 

If you would like to know more about the building, I'd urge you to read the short article about it on

Want to get involved. It's easy, start by sending Mayor Ralph Becker a message to let him know what you think.





*Top 3 images via

NewImagePhoto by Julius Shulman from Art in Architecture - by Louis G. Redstone, FAIA

Artist: Tom Van Sant, "Birds in Flight," 100 birds with wingspread of 4 feet, attached to three bronze-encased stainless-steel rods, each 120 feet high (electrode posited - bronze process developed from the aircraft industry); theme symbolic of seagulls which saved Morman crops by eating locusts, 1964

Mint BRAUN PC 3 SV Turntable

NewImageI've been designing a bookcase for my new home and in anticipation of it being finished I was looking for a good turntable to compliment it. Yesterday my girlfriend sent me a link to this mint Braun PC3 turntable, and by mint I mean BRAND NEW. The PC 3 SV is part of the famous SK4 or "Snow White's coffin" that Dieter Rams" designed for Braun back in 1956. Despite it's relatively expensive price ($500 for a 50 year old record player) I couldn't resist the temptation, and I'm happy to report I'm the new owner of this beauty. Despite the fact that it's absolutely pristine, I do plan on playing records on it, and hope to give it the life it's been waiting 50 years to live. I'll be sure to update everyone when my bookshelves are finished and this beauty takes center stage.

Braun PC 3 SV (also listed on Etsy)


Gimme My Nixie!

I'm talking about the Nixie Clock, of course! Some of the older readers may know remember what I'm talking about... vintage digital display vaccuum tubes revived with new electronics as digital clocks. Let's face it, the aesthetics of modern digital clocks leave much to be desired. I vote for Nixie for my next clock sitting on my nightstand! Available as kits or completed units with stylish metal or lucite cases. However, I'm leaning toward an exotic wood cabinet from my woodshop to compliment that warm glow.... The web abounds with kits & completed units from such places as NixieClock and TubeClock. And for the DIYers, plenty of build stories like Pimp My Nixie.


Oscar Niemeyer 1907-2012


I just found out that one of my favorite living architects is no longer living. Famous, or perhaps infamous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer died at 104 years old yesterday. I spent a few years in Brazil, so I have a deep love for the country and its people. I love Oscar as much for his work as I do for his personality. Passionate about life, women and buildings to the very end, he will be missed. 

I'm sure there will be lot's of great retrospectives written about him in the coming hours and days. In the meantime check out the fantastic 2010 documentary LIfe is a Breath of Air about Oscar Niemeyer and his life. Hopefully the youtube link below stays up for a while. 

Photo via BBC

Eames House Time Lapse

eames house move

A few weeks ago when I was in California, they were just starting to pack up the entire interior of the Eames house to move it to LACMA for an upcoming exhibit. The move is giving them a chance to do some much needed repairs on the home, as well as restore some of the precious items found inside. I came across this great time lapse of everything being carefully packed up. Pretty incredible to watch.

Eames Foundation

LACMA Eames Exhibit


nautical signal code flag pattern blocks

NewImagevintage wooden blocks

wood blocks with triangle colorsI've been looking at these blocks on Etsy for a couple days now, and I honestly can't believe that someone hasn't bought them yet. Tempted as I am to get them for myself, I thought I would do the nice thing and put this out there for my readers. These amazing vintage wood blocks are honestly some of the coolest blocks I have ever seen. I absolutely love the colors and the inset triangle of white and yellow. A mere $20 will get you an amazing 9 block set. Someone get this before my hand is forced.

nautical signal code flag pattern blocks $



MCM Vacation


Puerto Rico - 1963 8mm Reel from Trawin on Vimeo.

OK, it's Friday, you've had a long week, you are already one foot out the door. How bout we start this weekend off right. I stumbled across this found footage of a 1963 vacation in Puerto Rico. It's full of all sorts of great mid century architecture, vaca-wear and beautiful vintage video defects.  The only problem is, no sound. So here is a little game to play.


1. Start playing "Puerto Rico - 1963 8mm Reel". The first 30 seconds are an intro screen.

2. When you get 30 seconds in, hit play on "Full LP: Bossa Nova - New Brazilian Jazz - Lalo Schifrin - 1962 Audio Fidelity"

3. Switch "Puerto Rico - 1963 8mm Reel" to full screen.

4. Sit back and enjoy your own little tropical paradise.

5. Rinse and repeat.


Eames Graphic Design

eames coverModern fifty is selling this original Volume 1 Number 2 Portfolio magazine for a cool $465. The premium price is because this fantastic cover was designed by Charles Eames and the issue also has an article about Eames and his house in the Palisades.  While to me it's not worth the price, I do always enjoy seeing the graphic design that Charles did.

Does anyone know if there is a place online that has a large collection of Charles's art work?

Columbus Indiana

I mentioned a while ago my recent trip to Colombus Indiana to check out the Miller House as well as all the other fantastic architecture. The weekend before I was there CBS was filming for this Sunday morning edition that featured Columbus. It does a decent job of showcasing some of the greatness of the little town. If you want the real day to day scoop however, make sure you follow my friends blogs Atomic Indy.

Anyone want to move to Columbus with me?

Way back when: Kem Weber

I love it when I learn about new people. And let's admit it, there are LOTS that I still don't know about. This weeks discovery is Kem Weber. One of his most well known pieces is the Airline Chair shown above. Designed in 1934 it was a ready to assemble chair with a low cost of $24.75. (Actually that seems low, but considering inflation it's around $400 in modern terms). The idea of ready to assemble was still pretty revolutionary at that time (way before Ikea) and the design was pretty radical still. The end result was a limited production of only 200 chairs. Some people are just ahead of their time.

Work from Kem and others will be on display this fall at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The exhibit is called California Design, 1930-1965: "Living in a Modern Way.


Please excuse me while I pay some bills...