Kart Chair by HarbengerDuo


I was scouring Etsy (as per usual - what can I say, I love that site) for potentially awesome home furnishings when the beautiful angles of the Kart Chair jumped out of my monitor and poked me in the eye. Whoa! I've never seen such an appealing use of plywood - on Etsy or maybe even ever. The Kart Chair sports a walnut veneer over birch plywood, top coated to perfection with satin acrylic. Each chair is made to order and shipped flat. Fun Fact: This angular beauty was recently shown at the Design Within Reach - Houston studio. If it's got the DWR stamp of approval, it must be great. Check out more of the HarbengerDuo's collection at www.harbengerduo.com or HarBenger2.etsy.com.

Kart Chair by HarbengerDuo: $400

Please excuse me while I pay some bills...