Reconstructing Ideas


Reconstructing Ideas creates collages that are equal parts typography, vintage ads, and plain ol' awesomeness. Mundania Horvath is the creative mind behind this art and design studio based in Pittsburgh, PA. Check out more of her design work here.

The city of Pittsburgh to me is a pulsating life source, a constantly revived heartbeat in a body of architectural skeletons. Growing up near this city, I’ve been inspired by the notion of demolishing the old to rebuild it in a way that allows you to see it with new eyes - paying homage to history while always looking ahead. I was surrounded by the looming remnants of steelmills, abandoned warehouses and weather-worn advertisements emblazoned on the sides of buildings. All of them put there one time with a purpose, still remain there tarnished and a testament to time, the way it changes, the way it doesn’t change anything.

Like what you see? Reconstructing Ideas has an Etsy shop!  Prints available from $10.50 - $22.95.

Meg Hunt


I really enjoy Meg Hunt's illustrations! They have a touch of 50s and 60s whimsy that is so endearing! Be sure to take a gander at Meg's portfolio. If you like what you see, check out her shop, where select illustrations are available as screenprints.

Jet Set Paper


These handy little journals from Jet Set Paper are a wonderful gift for that well-traveled friend! Airport codes from your favorite cities are hand-printed on Moleskine cashier journals. Included with the journal is a set of 4 area code notes for jotting down contact info or directions on the fly. Check out the Jet Set Paper shop to see if one of your favorite destinations made the cut!

Jet Set Journals: $8.50

Fabulous Stationery Giveaway Winner!


The time has come, my friends! I hope you had fun looking at all the amazing designs from Fabulous Stationery. It was great to hear what some of your favorites were - Cozy Christmas was certainly a hit! I hope seeing all those rad cards will inspire you to send some greeting cards or thank you notes this year! I mean, with designs like these, I would be making excuses to send cards! "OH, I always wanted a Snuggie. Better send Aunt June a thank you card!" Right? Right.

Moving along, I'm excited to announce the winner of the $50 Fabulous Stationery gift card! Using the magical Randomizer, one winner was selected.

Entry #22 - Michael, who said "I really like the GREETINGS line. So simple, yet striking, and not too cheesy, which is rare in seasonal greeting cards. Hits all the spots."

Congratulations, Michael! Hopefully this gift card will hit all the right spots, too!

Thank you to everyone who entered and a big ol' thank you to Fabulous Stationery for offering such a rad giveaway!

P.S. If you didn't win, don't fret!  Fabulous Stationery is offering a free pashmina with any $150 purchase. Just enter "pashmina" at checkout! Now go get that stationery!

Giveaway :: Fabulous Stationery


I'm super excited to announce this giveaway opportunity from Fabulous Stationery! (You may remember these mod peeps from this post.) Well, if you liked what you saw, you're in luck! One special Grassroots Modern reader is going to win a $50 gift certificate to Fabulous Stationery. I'll admit I'm a little jealous! (Have you seen their new designs?? Awesome!) Entering to win is easy peasy, just follow the directions below!

How to enter:
1. Go to and join their mailing list (scroll to the bottom). Browse around and have your mind blown by over 1500 rad designs!
2. Come back to this post and leave a comment telling us what your favorite design is. One comment per person, please!
3. That's it! You're done!

What I love the most about Fabulous Stationery (besides their sweet mod designs - Hello Holiday 2009! You stole my heart!) is that all of their cards can be personalized. Such a great gift idea, don't you think? (My favorite design is Cozy Christmas in Green, in case anyone wants to get me a present! No? Okay.)

This giveaway ends on November 19th. One lucky winner will be randomly selected from all valid entries. Winner will be announced on the 20th!

[If you don't win, don't fret! Other deals are to be had! Fabulous Stationery is offering a free pashmina with any $150 purchase. Just enter "pashmina" at checkout!]

Good luck!

P.S. Tweet much? Spread the fab love and follow Fabulous Stationery on Twitter: @FabStationery. If Facebook is more your speed, become a fab fan here.

NEW Holiday Cards from Fabulous Stationery


Fabulous Stationery always has a great assortment of modern designs and their new holiday cards don't disappoint! Like all of their cards, the holiday line is available in multiple colorways and is 100% personalized! Enter your own custom greeting or message for unique and memorable note cards this year!

Check out the full line of modern holiday cards here.

Personalized note cards from Fabulous Stationery: $45 for 20 cards/envelopes

Bantie fabrics and wallpaper


I love the simple yet bold scandinavian designs, and Bantie has some wonderful ones.

The Swedish company Bantie was founded in 2007 by Ulrika Gyllstad och Wilhelmina Wiese. The name comes from Ulrika’s favourite aunt Bantie who used to have a shop selling exquisite fabrics and exclusive lingerie.

For those handy with a sewing machine, the Scandinavian design center has cotton satin fabric available starting at just over $60 a meter. While that may not be cheap, it could be worth it if you are looking for just the right fabric. For those less handy in the sewing dept, cushion covers are available starting at $65.
Available from Scandinavian Design Center $65 - $85.

Lab Partners


Coolest. Illustrations. EVER.

Some mid-week inspiration to cheer you up!

Hi we're Lab Partners, two people that love working together on all sorts of things. Especially illustration and printmaking. In fact, if we had happened to sit next to each other in 8th grade science, we would have spent most of our time doodling in each others notebooks.
We currently reside in beautiful San Francisco with our two enormously entertaining tabby cats. When we are not designing we fill our time with flea markets, thumb wrestling, and exploring the bay area.


Lab3.png<Lab8.png Lab4.png<Lab7.png   Lab5.png

SeeSaw Designs - 2010 Calendar


I've been casually looking around for a 2010 calendar when I spotted this one from SeeSaw Designs. I love the modern shapes and playful colors - this letterpress beauty may just have to come home with me! Calendar consists of four 7.25" x 11.5" pages, each with three months, letterpressed on 100% cotton Crane's Lettra paper.

SeeSaw is a full-service graphic design and letterpress studio based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Comprised of three ladies who met in college and share a love of design and letterpress, SeeSaw celebrated it's two year anniversary this May.

2010 Letterpress Wall Calendar from SeeSaw Designs: $28


Mateo Ilasco


I don't know about you, but my desk could definitely use some sprucing up. These wonderfully designed goods from Mateo Ilasco would certainly do the trick! I've got my eye on the desk calendar and thenumbers desk set - simply great design. For more organizational goodies (and some spiffy greeting cards) check out the Mateo Ilasco shop on Big Cartel.mateo2.png

About Mateo:
Hello. I'm Meg Mateo Ilasco. I'm the designer and writer behind Mateo Ilasco, a studio producing a line of stationery, home, and gift products as well as offering editorial, design and illustration services.

My design and illustration work often expresses a penchant for old-fashioned methods, humble materials, manual design, and physical craft. Sometimes I'm cerebral and concept-based in approach, and other times I just want to create something that looks pleasing. My design work has received awards from The Pasadena Museum of California Art 2007 Design Biennial and Print Magazine 2006 Regional Design Annual.

Mateo Ilasco paper and home goods: $3 - $40


New from Inhabit


I've admitted before that I am a big BIG fan of Charles and Ray Eames. Unfortunately for me I have never been able to save up for any of the Eames pieces I really want. While I'm counting my pennies, maybe I can get a little bit of my Eames fix with these new pillows and wall prints from Inhabit. Inhabit has a whole bunch of new prints and pillows, many of which have iconic silhouettes of Eames chairs and other classic Mid Century Modern pieces on them. To make things even sweeter, everything from Inhabit is currently 10% off, making it a little bit more affordable. What's your favorite new thing from Inhabit?


Available from Design Public

Spin Spin


Taking inspiration from typography, nature, and abstract form, Spin Spin creates screen printed and hand sewn goodies like these tea towels and elephants. Each elephant is made from a unique combination of different materials, including some of Spin Spin's own limited edition, screen printed fabrics. These fabrics (and tea towels) are designed and printed in Melbourne using water based, eco friendly inks. Check out more great designs in the Spin Spin shop!

Elephants + Tea Towels from Spin Spin: $17 - $25.

Paul Thurlby prints available now!


You may remember seeing Paul's alphabet series on here before. At the time only a few letters were done and I just received word from Paul that he's completed the entire alphabet in his signature style! On top of that, he is now offering these lovely letters as limited edition prints! So if you are as enamored with these illustrations as I am, hop on it! Paul is currently offering a buy 2 get 1 free sale through his website.

12" x 9" Alphabet Prints by Paul Thurlby, signed and numbered: £27 UK / £30 Elsewhere

Leah Giberson


I really enjoy these mixed-media collages from artist Leah Giberson. What begins as a digital photo of mundane suburban landscapes soon becomes something more meaningful and telling. From digital printouts, Leah works back into the print with paint and embroidery thread, and in the process discovers the essential elements and structure of each image.

Giberson explains, "The lines between the "fact" of the photographic image and the "fiction" of the paint are blurred at times, but not denied. I am not trying to hide the process, but rather, I am investigating where fact and fiction meet and how they influence and inform one another, creating a new and arguably truer story."


A comment on the facade of suburban life, perhaps. However you interpret Leah's work, you'll agree that her technique and style are well executed and unique.

Limited edition prints available from the Leah Giberson Etsy shop: $30 - $175


Lulu Dee


These delightful letterpress prints from Etsy shop Lulu Dee are so cheery and playful with their mid-century vibe. Each 11x14 print is hand printed on a Vandercook proof press and is available signed and numbered as part of a limited edition.

Lulu Dee is the brainchild of Laura Bachman Carignan, a graphic designer based out of Portland, Oregon. Over the past year she has been honing her letterpress skills, the results of which, you'll agree, are fantastic! Laura currently lives in a 1952 mid-century modern ranch house with her husband and their beagle and tabby cat.

Mod letterpress prints from Lulu Dee: $8 - $35



Jolby, a collaborative Illustration and Design studio made up of Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols, has no shortage of imagination or talent. While they have some great stuff on their Etsy shop (shown above) I am particularly looking forward to their new zine that they will be releasing early in August. According to them the zine includes;

... a heap of random nonsense ranging from one-eyed centaurs, moustached Englishmen, a sasquatch with a drinking problem, and gallons of caffeine. Captured in their first zine, this new body of work, created through their modern illustration style, invites us to explore the everyday thoughts and shenanigans of the artists.

If you are lucky enough to live in Portland, make sure you check out their show opening Aug 7th at Artful Goods. If you're not in Portland, you will have to content yourself with their Etsy goods.

A sneak preview of their new zine after the jump.

Illustrations on Etsy from $25 and up.





Zine photography by Ashley Forrette

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