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table top valet

Why does one need a table top valet? To be perfectly honest with you, I have absolutely no idea. Still, that doesn't stop me from wanting one. If it's not exactly your thing, make sure you check out some of the other beautiful items that Cincinnati based Brighton Exchange is making. They also have some gorgeous cocktail tables and shelves. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love seeing white oak furniture these days.

Brighton Exchange

NewImageNewImagegradiant shelf


Anton Decanter

NewImageI've recently been helping a friend find and restore a vintage bar cart so I have barware on the mind lately. This simple Anton Decanter has subdued modern written all over it. While definetly more on the contemporary side than the MCM side I have a feeling it's clean lines would fit in just about anywhere. Designed in the UK, handmade in Poland.

Anton Decanter $115

Via Wantist

Lekker Home has a whole bunch of equally swoonable glassware and decanters worth looking at too.

Adam Hogsett :: Bottle Opener

adam hogsett bottle openerI have a lot of little obsessions in life, and bottle openers are definitely one of them. For some reason I am always looking for just the right one. I'm really liking the raw look of these bottle openers made by Adam Hogsett of 510 design and fabrication. Each one is manually machined from cold formed steel and hand stamped with the production number. The finish is a darkened steel with a thin coat of wax to prevent any rusting. The whole thing is only 3" long, so it's not too bulky, but I'm sure it has a very satisfying heft to it.

Bottle Opener $56

510 Design


David Rasmussen Design

treehouse stool

curve a linear side tableIt seems like I have been featuring a lot of great handmade furniture coming out of Colorado recently.  The most recent to catch my eye is David Rasmussen Design. Based out of Carbondale, Colorado David has an interesting mix of more traditional fine woodworking pieces like the Treehouse Stools shown above, to very modern Danish inspired pieces like the Curve A Linear chair and side table.

David Rasmussen Design on Etsy

Drona Wine Rack

drona wine rackI love wine, and I love walnut, so it goes without saying that I would love to store my wine in a walnut wine rack. The Drona wine rack made by Jonathan Malphrus of Steric Design add some interesting geometry and nice contemporary craftsmanship to the typical wine rack. This Drona has a series of large hexagons connected by salvaged cherry joinery. It looks fantastic, and holds an impressive 35 bottles. There is a smaller version that only holds 5 bottles if that's more your thing.

Drona Wine Rack

CMYK Quilt

cmyk quiltThis self described "color nerdery" quilt strikes a core with my inner color nerd. All the colors were hand mixed for just the right effect, and then the quilts are machine quilted. The flip side is a nice light gray that accents the quilting thread (detail pic after the jump).  Having worked on a couple quilting projects over the years, I know how much work goes into these things. With that in mind, I'm going to call this thing a bargain at $400.

CMYK Quilt by kim e-m


cmyk quilt detail


shelf frameThis shelframe just shot right to the top of my list of "why didn't I think of that" ideas. About:

The shelves are designed to occupy a space normally reserved for a framed picture or painting, and they act so as to frame compositions of everyday objects.

The cable tension allow the shelves to support heavy objects while the silicone pads create a self-securing system that grips the wall as the shelf becomes loaded. This also means that the shelf does not tilt to one side if heavy objects are placed unevenly.


I especially appreciate the smaller details of the shelf like the semi recessed balls on the ends of the cable, and the joinery between the sides. For the record, this shelf and a monkey hook would make for the quickest installation ever.



Lots of pics after the jump.


The Creative Capsule

creative capsuleHere's a little insider tip for all my Salt Lake City readers with kids...

We've covered some cool Airstream remodels on GRM before, but never one quite like this. The Creative Capsule started its life as a normal Airstream trailer, but recently got completely gutted and refinished inside with one purpose in mind. Entertaining and teaching kids. Tenfour industries is using the space to teach children's craft projects and host birthday parties. They are making their inaugural appearance tonight at the Millcreek Community market from 4 to dusk.

Follow the Creative Capsule on Facebook to see where they will be next.


Giddyup Stool

Giddyup StoolPowder coated steel combined with wood is like strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar, absolutely delectable. When you add the option of Marimekko fabric (with the stool, not the strawberries) you have a nearly infallible combination.  The Giddyup Stool is just such a combination. It's available in a number of different colors, and with a variety of wood, fabric or even leather seat options. All hand made in Portland Oregon by Quartertwenty.

Giddyup Stool

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